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Right I've managed to get some work - now how do I keep motivated

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CareerGirl01 Mon 04-Feb-13 13:39:21

Am was a successful journo with bouts of self employment between working for newspapers magazines websites etc. Was also an editor. However made redundant 18 months ago, and ended up being a SAHM for a while as DH got a very well paid job with long commute. Then I got pregnant again in August and battled morning sickness most of last autumn. Got my act together and in the last two weeks have managed to get about £2,000 worth of commissions (not all finished, but are from reliable, sold payers and well known publications). Now how do I keep going, and build my client base. The commissions I've got are from old contacts. Buit I need to have a bigger base. Want to be able to work from home till DC (due in early May) is 3. Am going to save up some money to brush up my skills and possibly retrain in something crazy - such as styling/personal training or even make up artist in the autumn; assuming I earn enough back freelancing!
How do you keep motivated peeps?

MrsMargoLeadbetter Mon 11-Feb-13 19:32:44

Wow, an impressive start!

I think it depends on how you are motivated....which probably isn't a helpful thing to say!

If I were you....I'd say I you need a plan. You have the big picture "3 years of earning & potentially a creative sideline", you need the detail of how to get there.

That can then provide you with a tasklist/framework (obv taking into account time off/downtime for your DC) for each month. So your time could be split:

- pitching for work
- business development (finding new contacts)
- marketing/self promotion (a website/blog/social media feeds)
- networking/tending your network
- researching your potential other sideline

Keeping a tab on finances will help too, targets etc.

Not sure if that helps.

Good luck!

Not surr if that helps.

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