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Getting back in the swing of it

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buildingmycorestrength Wed 09-Jan-13 18:48:23

Just wanted to start a thread about getting back to work after the hols.

kids back at school today, went and read through some docs for a phone call tomorrow, have a few ideas bubbling away about some training workshops this year, and have a ton of email rubbish to get through!

I always find it really hard to switch gears back to work, so I'm proud of myself for getting stuck in today.

Anyone else?

dizzydixies Wed 09-Jan-13 18:51:33

I feel like I haven't stopped all holiday and had a sigh of relief that the were back yesterday!

Accounts next!

buildingmycorestrength Wed 09-Jan-13 19:15:17

Haven't stopped working or 'mumming'? I didn't work at all over the break. I don't have a proper project on at the most, so I'm motivating myself which doesn't always go well...

dizzydixies Wed 09-Jan-13 19:20:10

I was working right up till 9pm on Christmas Eve, my husband also works right over the Christmas period so I was juggling the 3 girls and the business as well as Christmas - all good fun hmm

Fortunately as busy as Dec is, Jan tends to be a but slower so I might catch up with myself!

buildingmycorestrength Wed 09-Jan-13 22:38:13

Sounds like a busy time. Hope you got a break! I always do my tax early as I don't like surprises in that dept.

So now I'm just trying to get my house in order and stir up a few new things.

dizzydixies Wed 09-Jan-13 22:44:21

Apart from New Years day no but it was all good fun!

They'll be submitted by the end of the week and next years are almost done too so I'm not worried about them - I just hate them!

Good luck with the motivation!

buildingmycorestrength Mon 14-Jan-13 18:43:59

Sent out some exploratory emails today about some workshops I'm hoping to run....very proud again. Well done me. grin

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