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Finding the needed child care

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DolomitesDonkey Sat 29-Dec-12 06:08:59

What is your line of work? Does it need to be done 9-5?

The children are not up 24/7 - you have time.

fraktion Fri 28-Dec-12 14:38:31

It's a pain but I cling to it being a short term cost!

Have you explored all the different possibilities? CM/nanny/au pair etc.

It's particularly hard if your work pattern isn't stable because you need flexibility which is pricy as well as reliability and some kind of stability for the DC.

ladymichelle Fri 28-Dec-12 02:40:23

It's harder then finding work it's self.

I really want to work, but.....
It doesn't add all up.

Either it cost to much.
No one to give you really help.
If u find child care, they could be to far from the school.
To many hindrance .

The worst is when holidays are coming up, then what .

It's cost more then u are earning
I haven't got relatives nor friends to help me out.

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