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Is it really worth it?

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Zoelda Wed 27-Feb-13 22:06:31

I me

LittlePushka Tue 26-Feb-13 23:22:11

Enoughrainalready & Zoelda... are either of you around? I would dearly like to talk to you about your thoughts relating to sole practitioner legal practice.

Zoelda Tue 01-Jan-13 17:49:03

It's absolutely wonderful. For example, my out of office was on until tomorrow but I've spent 3 days unable to move (long story) so just extended it until Monday. Nobody to answer to. Course ill still check emails and work if required (I have a full day of meetings on 3rd) but point is, I can choose how much work I do.

I have two children under 3 years and have close to full time child care. 2.5 days w a child minder and 2 days at home with a nanny. It's a good combination as it gives me enough flexibility to always have cover and see the kids at home for an hour or two if things are a bit quieter.

Sure some days it's all a bit tough but so is proper working! And you see your kids a lot lot less.

enoughrainalready Mon 31-Dec-12 19:33:31

Best of luck with it all. Right, must try & get in the party spirit (altough I already know I'll be up in the night with teething baby so actually, all I'd really like to is have a lovely bath & go to bed ....sigh!) Happy New Year All.

Mosman Mon 31-Dec-12 14:39:16

For my sins head hunting .... The only way I can bear it is by doing it in my pajamas from the poolside.
I am hoping for a prosperous new year, 2012 was a big of a drain financially.
Happy new year to everyone

enoughrainalready Mon 31-Dec-12 14:35:54

Exciting Mosman! What area of work are you in? Best of luck. I'm really hoping 2013 is going to be a good one!

Mosman Sat 29-Dec-12 05:53:37

I shall be joining you all in March, laying all the ground work now to make it happen. Very exciting :-)

enoughrainalready Sun 23-Dec-12 21:00:08

Tee, hope you won the tender!

enoughrainalready Sun 23-Dec-12 20:52:57

Good luck witco! We'll be in it together. I'm hoping to commence early January. Here's to a (not unlucky!) 2013.

Witco Sun 23-Dec-12 20:06:22

I am just about to become self-employed so it is very encouraging to read your positive comments, thank you. 2013 will be an interesting year!

enoughrainalready Sun 23-Dec-12 17:29:51

I'm certainly making every hour count! I've discovered that I'm super productive between 6&7am! Who knew I was such a morning person!

I will miss the office Christmas party. Maybe next year (If I'm still in business) I'll arrange a Christmas party with some other local self-employed people. Could be fun!

MiniLovesMinxPies Sun 23-Dec-12 11:35:37

Yes the Christmas party....remind me what is that?

You might actually think that the children prevent you from working now, they are very young but it might actually be a good thing. You are making use of every spare moment and making every hour you have productive,which is good training smile

DolomitesDonkey Sun 23-Dec-12 07:23:12

The office party for one is a bit shit too. <dances around kitchen on own> - although at least I didn't do anything naughty and the cab home was quite cheap.

I am trying to work right now... and my toddler has just placed a singing Christmas dog (don't ask) on the arm of the sofa. This is not helping me right now. wink

enoughrainalready Sat 22-Dec-12 22:49:18

Thanks Tee & Mini. I have realised that I can't get anything done with children around - what should take 10 minutes takes at least an hour and I get really frustrated with myself and the children - no good for anyone! Mini, yes, good advice re self-discipline. Hmm, may have to work on that one although I am fast learning the importance of time & I'm quite amazed at how much I can now achieve when DH takes children out. Right, must go feed the little baby (followed by a little festive baileys on ice to celebrate another evening's work on the business plan!) Thanks again for your posts - look forward to hearing from anyone else too.

MiniTheMinx Sat 22-Dec-12 21:53:54

Am I being naive? Does it ever work out like that?

I suppose it depends how self disciplined you are, I often find myself working weekends, long into the evenings and I will probably be itching to get back to my desk by Christmas evening. I am not self disciplined enough to set myself a maximum amount of hrs and I have to be told to eat some days! What I do love about working from home is the fact that I can always be available to the children if needed. I would find it difficult to just work school might too if you enjoy what you do!

Downside, is not being in a team, not having others to discuss ideas with and not having packet sandwiches ( which is why I end up skipping lunch )

Good luck, although I'm sure you won't need it and you'll be fine. Make sure your accountant does some work for his money......

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Sat 22-Dec-12 21:49:37

Oh and I find that I cannot work if he's home. Maybe answer emails or phone calls, but I can't get any actual work done. My mom was visiting and I was all 'cool, extra pair of hands, extra hours to work.' Nope. He came to find me in my office after about 30 minutes!

And I do have an actual office in this house (which we rent) which has made a huge difference compared to when we lived in our flat and I worked at the kitchen table.

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Sat 22-Dec-12 21:47:55

My son went to a private day care from the very beginning of my company, which I launched just after my maternity leave ended from my last corporate job.

First he went 2 half days, then one whole and one half, the two whole and then, from age 2 until he started preschool this past September, 3 whole days. I absolutely was working to put him there, but I was also building my client base (I'm an online media specialist, BTW, i.e. graphic arts, web, social media, etc) and working on my own website and building my skills.

Now that he's in preschool, I get 15 free hours a week and I'm actually making money!

If only that damn tender would let me know if I got it already...

enoughrainalready Sat 22-Dec-12 21:41:08

Tee - can I just quickly ask - prior to your son's pre-school, how did you manage? Was your son with you all time - no childcare? Am self-doubting my decision now. I've decided to use a CM for two days (9-3 so not all day) for two days a week so that I can get on with work. DD starts preschool in 12 months time - DS will start in 24 months time.

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Sat 22-Dec-12 21:36:30


enoughrainalready Sat 22-Dec-12 21:32:46

Here's what I'm going to buy once I've made a bit of money:
Timer Enabled Coffee Maker
Grey's Anatomy
Kindle Fire

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Sat 22-Dec-12 21:21:19

My absolutely most favourite thing is walking into my house after the school run to the smell of the freshly brewed coffee that my timer enabled coffee maker created as I was nearly home and knowing I get to drink an entire hot cup of coffee while reading emails.

My son started preschool this year and it's the first time since he's was born that have a little time to myself every day, with the whole day twice a week as he gets picked up by a nursery on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I was feeling crap this last week and spent all Friday afternoon between getting some work done in the morning and the nursery run in the afternoon lying on my bed watching Grey's Anatomy on my Kindle Fire.

Can't do that if you have an office and a boss!

enoughrainalready Sat 22-Dec-12 21:06:56

Thank you Tee - that's just what I needed to hear. Maybe I've just got pre-start nerves or maybe it's just a bit of an anti-climax at this point after all the initial excitement of thinking about starting-up (but not actually doing it!) or....maybe I'm beginning to feel a bit sad that I'm sending my two little DC to a childminder 2 days a week in the New Year. I really appreciate you replying to me though, it's instantly made me feel more positive. (By the way, is it wrong that the idea of getting my nails done is exciting me more than the thought of attending a nativity...! Any me time at all would just be FAB - come to think of it, I'm already looking forward to my cuppa whilst I read my work emails on the days that the DC are going to CM!) Right, must remain positive..

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Sat 22-Dec-12 20:41:14

It is so worth it.

No one to answer to (except your clients, and you can always turn off your phone).

Working in your comfy clothes.

Able to take a day, or an hour, when you need it, to watch the nativity, deal with an ill child or just get your nails done.

Of course, you'll also work nights and weekends. Not get paid sick days or holiday. Join us on 31st January as we panic about doing our online assessments.

But starting my own company was the best decision I ever made.

enoughrainalready Sat 22-Dec-12 20:15:22

Hi, so I'm almost ready to set off on my carefully planned and long awaited self-employed journey! Insurance in place, accountant advice sought, limited company being formed and first clients are waiting (I'm in the legal field). Why then am I suddenly feeling a bit low? Please come and tell me this self-employment/having your own business thing is wonderful. I'm hoping (in two or three years time) when my DC are at school that my hard work & all the juggling with pre-schoolers will have paid off and I can reward myself with a four day week, predominately school hours. Am I being naive? Does it ever work out like that? Come and tell me your success & happy stories. Cheer me up on this rainy Christmas eve eve eve. Thanks ....

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