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Marketing Skills swap

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AishaNowOrNever Tue 20-Nov-12 15:41:24

I posted a while back with no responses to my original thread :-( and after so
some much appreciated feedback via PM'ing have decided to try again form a different angle!

Basically I need to help with:

1. Pitching
2. Media Planning and/or buying
3. The general agency structure/process

I am posting here as I hope to find other experienced marketers with and hour or two to spare to share this information.

In return I can offer a range of services, my skills are web design, social media, admin, NOT accounts lol.... etc.

Basically my area is so niche I can confidently say there's no chance of their being any conflict of interest (which was the issue a few mumsnetters raised with me previously).

If you are kind enough to share some experience in return for any skills I can offer and are interested feel free to PM me or respond on this thread! I am happy to send over details of what I do, my sites etc!

Thanks guys

goingupinsmoke Tue 20-Nov-12 18:49:32

just PM'd you

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