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1000 quid club revisited

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DolomitesDonkey Mon 15-Oct-12 06:59:14

How is everyone getting on? Since our last thread I am moving in to a totally new area, once which I'd wanted to do (many a time), but didn't feel that I "could" - for a variety of daft reasons (e.g., self-esteem!).

I've really been struggling the last few weeks finding the time to work on this new project - my paid job has been pretty full on - e.g., 11 hour days - then with 2 tiny ones on top of that - and the change of season isn't helping.

I long for the days when the children will need to be prised from their beds rather than shouting in my face from 5am.

Has anyone got any tips for this? I'm really a morning person but my toddler is destroying my will to live, never mind my will to work. I'm open to all sorts of tips from behavioural/reward strategies through to "best doping devices". wink

I tried working late the other night but my brain turns to mush by 8pm.

I had been planning to attend the great British business show in London next month but as my new business isn't ready to launch I just feel the timing isn't quite right. I know we talk about procrastination but it's not simply that... it'd be a 300 euro day out which seems a lot for what I feel it could return to me right now. Anyway, if anyone's interested the tickets are free and there are more details here:-

Xenia Sun 25-Nov-12 11:49:47

I suspect making it the most expensive by far but much better might make more profits but I am certainly not an expert.
The lady who founded Costa was a lawyer first I think and a good example for women wanting to earn a lot

Hashemi attended City of London School for Girls, obtaining a corporation exhibition scholarship. She read Law at the University of Bristol. Upon graduation Hashemi trained and qualified as a solicitor with Frere Cholmeley in Lincoln's Inn Fields,[3] leaving in 1994 to co-found Coffee Republic."

That background of- private school (on a scholarship) good university doing a decent subject and then solicitor woudl have helped.

The Wetherspoons man:
"Timothy Randall Martin, the founder and chairman of Wetherspoon, was born on 28 April 1955, in Northern Ireland. He was educated at eleven different schools in Northern Ireland and New Zealand including Campbell College in Belfast.[6][16] He studied law at the University of Nottingham"

BellaTheGymnast Sun 25-Nov-12 13:11:49

Thanks Xenia. Unfortunately DP doesn't have a degree therefore lots of jobs are not open to him, hence considering options for self-employment. He cooks well though!

Xenia Sun 25-Nov-12 17:14:51

I was only waffling on and looking at who had got where and where they came from which is always interesting. There was a programme about a man helping out a traveler who had got herself a first class degree and done a Bar course but could not get a job - How the other half lives - who was worth £8m a year (and helps her get a new job) on television. He said he left school without any exams, went into marketing. I think he owns a company called Academy. I know someone who left school at 15 and is very well off. It is certainly not impossible although I think it's worth encouraging our children to do well at school and pick better paid things as that's an easier route than doing well starting from nothing.

SingSung Fri 30-Nov-12 12:28:31

Well, I've just read through the 1000 quid a day threads... It's now dark outside (in Singapore) and it was light when I started!

Xenia - this must be your pro bono consulting work now! Terribly interesting and wow you have an interesting life.

In the process of first business being acquired. It has been hairy in the last few years so being acquired is a relief, as the market we are in has changed beyond recognition.

However, after reading this, I have a list of eight possible future avenues. As you say, I am a firm believer in a portfolio style career is the way forward in the current economy. Each business idea doesn't have to have a huge amount of longevity, once you've squeezed the sponge dry then it's ok to to move onto the next, or better still have it running concurrently.

I shall continue to watch this thread!

May I ask, are you all uk based? Xenia, have you diversified out of uk?

gussiegrips Wed 12-Dec-12 21:54:54

not posted for a wee while, been busy faffing about trying to, you know, work!

Pelvic floor parties seems to be a go-er!

Ran a big fundraiser (raised £500 for my pet charity, so am chuffed) and had 100 women there. did an hour's stand-up, and it went much better than I'd thought.

So, bookings are coming in steadily - and next step is to try and get some free publicity from the press/radio. Well, it's such a stupid idea that I should be able to snag some interest?

I need some reviews/articles because if I have a portfolio of publicity it'll help blag a good venue with the Free Fringe - am going to run this as a show in August at the Edinburgh Festival.

I've learned I'm Not Much Of A Salesman, but, I'll work on the pitch - not that I want to make cash out of re-selling, but it'd be good to be able to point women in the direction of gadgets which could help them.

anyhoo, thanks for this thread - it's Vair Inspiring

InMySpareTime Thu 13-Dec-12 08:22:12

singsung I'm UK, I'm a storyteller (not many of us around) although my main income stream is currently personalised framed stories. My illustrator is getting snowed under with all my image requests, but on the plus side I'd budgeted for a year until profit and I'm making money 2 months in.
I'm enjoying social media marketing, and got a 2-hour radio spot yesterday, but all the time spent marketing is time away from doing actual work, and the house is messier now than it was when I worked out of home 4 days a week!
Can I have an extra weekday for Christmas but don't tell anyone else, so I can enjoy a day to myself ?

QueenofWhatever Thu 13-Dec-12 14:17:08

I'm just lurking because although I reckon I could set up my own business and earn lots, I'm not sure I can really be arsed (telling in itself). But I love hearing about other people doing it.

When I was self-employed I found a lot of the E-myth stuff by Michael Gerber useful and there are lots of resources on sites like

mam29 Sun 16-Dec-12 23:00:28

xenia-just wanted to say thankyou for directing me to these threads.

Both are very inspiring and refreshing.

since i gave up fulltime work to focus on family then ha 2more kis cant seem to get the crappest low paid job as cant be fully flexible.

have supported hubbys career with 2 job moves

but with rising living costs we struggle.

tried 1business idea few years ago which failed.

buying and selling kids stuff not made the money it used to.

I was thinking alot latly reflecting on 2012 and thinking we need a change and if dont do anything different everything will be same.

I owe it to my kids to do more ad try do something.

Thing that resonated with me is

rejections ok
its ok to fail.keep trying.

Also not putting all eggs in one basket.

I did degree in business and legal studies
but that dident give me any specific vocational skills by itself

I then fell into retail management.

Then had kids-the 2dident mix.

plans for 2013


some type direct selling
making craft items and selling them
cleaning and babysitting services.
selling on ebay

hopefully one of these pan out and can make £1000 a month.
£1000 day be lovley.

my husbands slightly skeptical but hoping can stay motivated and try manaage my time better.

Its scares me a bit but have to stop procrastinating.

DolomitesDonkey Mon 17-Dec-12 10:54:02

mam29 I think you're absolutely right - one thing's for sure, you're not going to make it sat on your GFA! A failure? Pff, just a learning curve, that's all.

SallRight Mon 17-Dec-12 13:43:51

Hi Everyone
You have been an inspiration to me as I read your previous thread. I am trying to start my own business atm. I just wondered do any of you ever feel 'hamstrung' by the legal side of things suce as liability should anything go wrong or do you simply find an insurance policy and carry on regardless/ ignore it/ something else?

I feel really green about this issue!

(My other issue is knowing I have something to offer but I've lost my 'confidence in me' somewhere along the way - planning on bluffing for this till I find my confidence again blush )

mam29 Mon 17-Dec-12 15:39:12

Thanks dolomites.

My failed business plan seemed good at time.

I borrowed £300 off hubby brought really good sewing machine
payg mobile

The plan being to make pretty cloth party bags.

I set up work email addy
brought a domain-never got round to using as dident know how to do own website.

set up an ebay shop

But i failed to make hardly any sales.

The thing is they were so low value
took me 30mins per bag
they were decent quality

had couple of orders from sahm jewellry sellers

tried advertising and selling on a mums forum

tried a few upmarket carboots
printed leaflets

nothing came of it I got fed up and defeated.

I dont think idea was bad by itself but was wrong to do just that.
with introduction of places like not on high st, pinterest and fb groups.

I think last year or so selling anything been hard as people have so little money just trying to sell kids old stuff put me off as selling for silly money depressing how much worth item has when you think how much paid for it.

but when i go shopping to big shopping centres im reminded there is still money out there not everyones struggling and maybe i as pitching my price and product far too low.

I lost confidence and gave up too soon.

since then been bit scared to try anything-hubby keeps saying find a job which has been really hard as feel unemployable its employers market out there and I cant be fully flexible;

If i could find a job that paid well enough to pay childcare i would go back full time.

Hubby also goes on about the sewing machine and rather annoyingly brings up the cards-in all fairness that wasent really a business venture was more a hobby on maternity leave as was so bored before i went back full time after 1st was born.
I stupidly said oh i could maybe sell some. Im not sure i as that good at it and see it frequently at car boots/fairs not sure much money its cards its saturated market.

considered direct selling few times but here its full of osbourne book sellers, pheonix card traders and odd avon thrown in none see quite rights so exploring other avenues.

Thing is im really not a party person I detest selling parties.

Last year I considered dog walking then realised other peoples dogs bit too much responsability,

I couldent be a childminder dont like other peoples kids that much.Plus its lot of work and dont know many wealthy my house too small and my 3drive me mad at times.

I have seen couple local businesses start up and fail.

would love my own bricks and mortar shop but costs too high.

So I need idea-dot have to be overly qualified for low start up costs, simple.

My sister does graphic design prints on ebay/etsy and does ok from it. I dont have that skill.

My cousins girlfreind lebt money off him an he helped set up gift shop website its made hardly any money depite good website, blog and fb page.Maybe 3sales a month.of course she has wealthy bloke and parents to support her every whim I have no safety net but if thinsg stay same qaulity of life will dimish and everything is rising and hubbys wages are not.

I cant bake to save my life.

so rule out cards, cakes, dummy clips and hair ribbons.

I kind of think jewellry may also be slightly saturated market

Might start trying homewares with throws/cushions but its such a gamble.

Going to stat cleaning thing know cleaners who have no insurance
looked up insurance its about 90quid a year.

The tax things scare and confuse me a little.

would i need to hire an accountant

if did several things would i just do one tax return for 2-3projects?

the whole paying years tax in arreas and huge 1st tax bill .

is their rough guide how much tax you save and pay in relation to income so eg how much tax would self employed person earning35 k a year pay?

I cant find a definative rate to charge as dont wish to charge too high.

my mums very negative always said dont have ideas above my station.she thinks cleainings hilarious as reminds me my house is hardly a palace but I have 2toddlers at home in house thats too small just one open plan reception.

Thinking about it in detail none of my freinds are that proactive , no ambition all floating and whinging woe is me.

my short term ambitions-not worry about food bill
go out more
but things need like new boots/coat
not stress birthdays. xmas , september of rising costs.

med term
pas driving test
pay down some debts
go on holiday-

long term buy a house or leasts rent a bigger/nicer one.

Salright my confidence pretty much at all time low this year felt hopeless and want to feel like ho i did prekids.
I used to manage a 3million pound a year shop and managed a team now if feel so lost no one to delegate too, no family on hand to help, hubby working all hours and reminding me hes the breadwinner.

So is sit there mealplanning trying to save afew quid, maybe we can shop around again it rarly makes adifference I need an income.

DolomitesDonkey Mon 17-Dec-12 16:04:43

I will reply properly later, it's feeding time at the zoo here and I still have 2 reports to go out. I just wanted you to know that someone read it and "gets" it!

DolomitesDonkey Mon 17-Dec-12 18:55:08

You are so right about the people still walking around the shops with bags full of stuff - there are people struggling of course, but at the same time there is a LOT Of money out there... imo people frequently find the money for stuff they want!

I come from a corporate background, I was raised to "work for someone else", my entire family don't get it - we were raised to "do something in the city" - I just didn't know that working for myself was something I could do. I thought people who worked for themselves were Delboys haha!

You said you have a degree and you ran a 3 million a year turnover shop - so it's a confidence issue rather than a "can do" issue. Give yourself a pep talk gal and do your daily affirmations! smile

Santaandme Mon 17-Dec-12 21:40:02

This thread is so inspirational and has got me thinking..

Tamoo Thu 20-Dec-12 11:07:10

*mam29 your posts are really honest and interesting as I'm in a similar situation to you except without the husband smile

Some thoughts:

I think you did all the right things in setting up a small craft business however you would need to offer a wider range of items for sale than just cloth party bags. However good they are you are never going to get high sales from just that item. Since you've done the work already is there anything else you could make/craft and sell?

Also bear in mind the time taken to make craft items, cost of materials etc, and make a rigorous comparison to what you'll actually be able to sell them for. I know a fantastic knitter for example, I asked her why she doesn't sell her stuff (she just teaches) and she said it simply wasn't worth it for what what people would be willing to pay for the finished items.

Also if you have management experience maybe consider going back to that on a self-employed basis? I have no reliable/regular income and am seriously, seriously struggling financially, I have no childcare and a crap CV with no professional referees so despite applying for loads of jobs never get through the first sift. In desperation I put a very honest ad online explaining all the above but stating my useful qualities and experience (degree, fast typing speed, bit of editorial experience, and cleaning!) and have had three really quite decent enquiries offering interviews and potentially some freelance work. I'm hoping one of them will come to something and give me something to pay the bills while I pursue my own business start up.

fraktion Fri 28-Dec-12 14:54:54

I think people fall down trying to do it all themselves. I've outsourced and skill swapped the things I can't do to get started. I do digital communication/writing for websites/social media etc (words!) and I don't do art, I don't do finance-y stuff and I was so lost on insurance it wasn't funny but I got a logo designed in return for some social media coaching and found myself a pet accountant.Now I just need a nicer website.

Moral of the story: there are people you can pay to give you expertise/do it for you and if you have something that could be interesting for them you may be able to swap.

LargeLatte Fri 28-Dec-12 18:06:24

mam29 I just wanted to say stop beating yourself up! And write a list of what you can do (as opposed to that huge list of what you can't). It took me almost 3 years before I came up with a viable plan for being self employed and a good couple of failures too.

Also don't talk it over with people who will rain on your parade. My dmum was very set in her thinking that real work was 9-5 in a shop or office, anything else was pie in the sky. So I told her absolutely nothing of my plans. I confided in my husband and a good friend (but if dh had been unsupportive I wouldn't have talked to him either). I only told her and pretty much all other family what I was up to once I was successfully making money. And now they are supportive.

mam29 Sat 29-Dec-12 10:53:08

Thanks for input guys..

everyones been really nice, supportive and given good advice
I think in reflection I have beat myself up a bit.

failure to get job for low level retail assistant on jobs i had experience and qualified for was disheartning I know its about so many people chasing one job and lack of flexibility.

Plus the jobs wouldent even cover my childcare and working on till in tesco will not radically change out finances.

I never set out to be sahm I love my kids but being at homes harder and feel less self worth than if had paid work.

Think being a mum some do loose self confidence and who they were before.

most days feel like ground hog day with kids they make mess i tidy,endless cooking and shopping. Today the hamster really needs a clean and will bath ak
During last few years i only really tried one business which dident take off and hubbys forever whinging about sewing machine.
In reality time and effort spent-wasent enough return.

I have seen quite a few mums try crafty stuff ie hairclips, avon, phenix cards and give up.

I know new year I need to manage my time better.

I have some accounts to do for preschool as im treasuer I hate accounts.

I have been doing some research over last week and think decided on 4seperate business ideas to run in tandem as 3are linked.

I need to spend jan

organising myself.
might look ebay for 2nd hand desk for my bedroom.
need to have mega listing to raise capital as need about £150 to start direct selling for 2seperate companies.

need to find cheapest best place for leaflets/postcards
decide on best place to do ebsite im not technie for business a
need to open seperate bank account.
will buy cheap new payg phone just for business
need a new printer-will look ebay

plan is jan/feb set up business

a and business b both direct selling-both come with my own website.
research business c-which involves networking and focussing on right area before buying stock and launching initally etsy shop followed vy website,

business d is service provided locally which needs

insurance£90 pa
few other bits
supplies linked to business a so can buy in products used cheaper.

Need to start booking fairs in advance going to book summer fair as know organiser and hope to market 3/4businesses at that fair,

Initailly will work on hubbys day off but once build up client list can enroll youngest in nursery. middle child gets funding jan so saving there.Eldest at school but not great holiday or afterschool provsion so maybe need to investigqate childminders or holiday clubs.

pass driving test within next 6months before im 32.

My mams always negative.

hubbys cousins an accountant wonder if she want free babysitting in return.

just need to keep momentum going and stay focussed.

in addition to all this ill

try save money where i can
keep selling on stuff we dont need as that gives me pin money each month.

The aim is better quality of life for the family as will have substantial 2nd income on top of hubbys wage pay down some debts and have nice holiday this year also would love a tassimo.

mam29 Sat 29-Dec-12 10:59:37

Forgot to say well done tamoo sound slike fab idea.

Also large latte -well done on starting up business.

Its easy to fall into i cant as working with kids can be so much tricker

I often envy those who stay in old jobs pre baby as either employer was very child freindly 1 woman i know has on site nursery at her offices.
Teacher freinds who ent back part time.

its just happends food retail managemnt wasent much fun, very heavy on time and not good for family life.

Thew news on economy is alays so doom and gloom

everyones skint
no banks are lending
rising costs.
high unemployment and threats of redundancy,

Being in the market these days much as harder as so competative its employers market as so many unemployed including many well qualified graduates.

global-people come to uk for work

so many people chasing single job.

feels much harder than it used to be .

DolomitesDonkey Mon 31-Dec-12 11:10:20

OK, so the original thread started in September or so - how are everyone's plans going to collect their piles of fifties?

Mine is coming along great guns after ditching my partner and I feel very confident for the future.

mam29 It's been said that during a recession is actually a great time to start a business because it forces you to be inventive and careful with your start-up costs. If you can make a business a success in a recession imagine what you'll do during the next economic boom cycle! (Exceptions to this rule might be bailiffs, money lenders, pawn-brokers etc. wink)

DolomitesDonkey Mon 31-Dec-12 11:14:08

A challenge I've had/am having is simply to "be myself".

I tried to fit in to a mould of what I thought people wanted to see - but when push comes to shove I am who I am and it's working better for me and I get a more positive response when I simply am "me".

mam29 Mon 31-Dec-12 11:51:02

Loving your positive attitude dolimites -I actually think other peoples preconceptions are hardest thing to sort.

people say new business-recesssion are you mad?

but im not leaving a job so no income to lose

just need to raise initial capital as state of my overdraft not feeling love from the bank right now.

Good luck to everyone who started self employment 2012 or trying to set up business 2013.

No ambition to be loan shark/pawn shop or bailiff.
couldent make money out of other peoples misery.

My problem is patiance i need to wait to luaunch do my reserch get my marketing and website right so jan /feb could just bed about doing groundwork and trying to book a few fairs for summer and next xmas in advance.

on my list is

decent website
fb page/twitter
have no idea how to use twitter
business cards/leaflets, posters.

will be sure to keep you updated

DolomitesDonkey Mon 31-Dec-12 12:13:08

Don't procrastinate, make your plan and get on with it.

Nothing will ever be "perfect", you've just got to get out there and start building.

Believe me it's much easier to get the fuck on with it if you are "live" and you can write a list of 20 things you need to do because people actually ARE looking at your website rather than waiting to launch "oooh mid-May maybe, if I'm not too busy, and if it all looks perfect".

People may buy from you if your website has a spelling error, wonky logo or some "ipsum" text lurking. Nobody is going to buy from the website in your head!

Avago Tue 01-Jan-13 21:06:41

Hi DolomitesDonkey (or anybody) , did you go to the Great British Business Show? I so wanted to go but happily sales were going well and I didn't want to take time off (I sell Christmas cards so have to make the best of my small window). I notice there's another in June so will try then.

DolomitesDonkey Wed 02-Jan-13 07:28:09

hello, I didn't go in the end because I was in a massive state of flux with my business and it was really poor timing. June however sounds very interesting, I thought I'd have to wait again until next Dec!

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