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What do you do if you can't work?

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PiggeryJokery Wed 10-Oct-12 10:44:00

I set up my own gardening business earlier this year, made a slow but sure start, have gained clients but have only carried out work for each them once or twice at most, some I have just quoted and agreed work but not yet done anything, so while they seem to like me there's no great loyalty there yet.

Developed problem with hand a few weeks ago, haven't been able to work for last 3 weeks, hospital yesterday told me complete rest for 2-3 weeks otherwise I risk losing mobility. I may also have to have an operation on it. It's half term in 3 weeks so best case return to work is early Nov, worst case is next year.

This means that some people won't have seen me for 6 weeks, others for 10 weeks, and they are all expecting me to turn up before the end of Oct. What to do?? I don't know anyone personally who can take on work temporarily, but if I pass it on to a competitor then I'm going to lose my clients. If I don't turn up I'll lose my clients. If I go into chapter and verse about my hand I am likely to lose clients because a) it sounds like an excuse b) I don't have the track record to assure them I'm not unreliable and malingering and c) they need their gardens doing now!

Sorry this is long, any ideas or experience would be very gratefully received please.

TalkinPeace2 Wed 10-Oct-12 11:18:21

could you take on a junior to go with you and and do all the hard work under your supervision ...

self employment is a bugger like that - painters I know have lost money for years after trivial injuries, lateral thinking FAST is the best, but so not work "through the pain" - one of my plumber chaps is heading towards long term disability .....

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