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Any EXPERIENCED marketers in need of an unpaid assitant?

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AishaNowOrNever Mon 01-Oct-12 17:51:18

Okay, so I am a 26 year old mum of two young boys 2 & 3. Needless to say I have another 2 years before I can probably get any decent childcare hours and my free hours 8.30 - 12.30 are valuable.

I have a decent CV and graduated in marketing comms 2 years ago with a new born. I have spent the last three years (after adjusting to the reality of childcare prices in South West London) going crazy (sorry not a natural SAHM but I've done it and done it well) going over business ideas, doing some freelance bits here and there and helping my OH with his business start up which is doing very well.

Anyway I finally have THE idea, the plan, the structure, the contacts, the INQUIRIES and everything else, but I need some real world Marketing experience. Funny, I know marketing very well, have work experience in the field (particularly online and in niche PR) and that is the arena THE idea is in but it has recently dawned on me that I should seriously think about getting some all round (particularly) planning and agency type experience (media planning and buying would be an added dream but not essential).

I'm a bit of a rouge trader in all honesty, I know my stuff as good as or perhaps better than anyone in my arena I just don't know how things are done!

Obviously, because of childcare I can not do an internship in a normal company and I don't even think it would be worth it. I am without sounding obnoxious past that and I don't think I am long term employee material either. I can not see my employment options as an actual option for me and where I want to/will be in life.

So I've gone and started a business. I could find no viable reason not too....

So getting to the point.... BASICALLY I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA for any mothers who have this experience. Its kind of like an internship/skills exchange/mentor type proposition!!!!!!!!

I have skills. Lots! Whatever you need really, admin, research, writing, website building, business development, marketing, bloody ironing (children)!!!! etc etc etc, the list could go on.

So in exchange for maybe one or two mornings (or more, or less, or whatever suits you) a week of your time and your wisdom, I could repay
the favor in time with whatever skills you have a current need for. I can travel to you or wherever and am so keen, and quite frankly in need of this knowledge/experience I'll do whatever I can for it.

I can be semi flexible so please if you think you could be kind enough to share some of what you know to a fellow time strapped, somewhat trapped but ambitious mum PM me and we'll take it from there....

ps: I make a nice cuppa and really am rather friendly ;-)

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