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Would like some private part-time work - don't know where to advertise

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Karen30o Sat 29-Sep-12 19:58:07

I need a bit of extra cash and have 2 free days a week while DD is at school
I am already a carer for dementia residents with NVQs, up to date CRB, medication training and I am a manual handling trainer so I know how to use a hoist etc
Ideally, I'd like to offer respite for families caring for a mum/dad nan or grandad with dementia for up to 4 hours a day twice a week (thursday and friday) in my local area.

Now you know the basics......where can I advertise this? It all seems to be agency but they cost a fortune for the families and I don't want to work for a company only out for a profit!

Any ideas very welcome =o)

twentyten Sat 29-Sep-12 20:04:56

What about contacting Gp's surgery?Local pharmacies?Post office/paper shop?Private hospitals?Hospice?
Do you need insurance?
You sound an excellent person to help carers.Local carers group?Libraries?Churches?Local newsletters?
Even offering sitting/chores you can charge £10-12 ph?

Karen30o Sat 29-Sep-12 22:08:59

I was wondering about insurance actually...I will look into that for sure.
All of your suggestions there sound ideal and i appreciate your advice.
I am a practical carer, it's hard to offer advice to other carers as you have to generalise and each case is so different I might not be good at the public advice thing.
£10 - £12...I was only going to go about £8.15 my reasoning behind that is I don't want people to have to cope on their own and get stressed because they can't afford a break...not much of a business attitude huh?

I will work on what you have suggested first thing

Thank you so much xx

twentyten Sun 30-Sep-12 17:09:19

A pleasure.I've been looking for carers recently and found the best people via word of mouth.Post office and pharmacy.
Get some nice postcards printed with your qualifications,experience and contact details.Aim for simple and clear,saying what you can do.Not flashy or glitzy.
And be bold and go and talk to people in all the places you want to advertise so they know you. Prepare a little speech"i'm Karen 30 and I've done.. I'm advertising for.... etc!

Karen30o Sun 30-Sep-12 18:09:14

sounds great have been doing a fair bit of research today too so should have my second job any time now!
Again. thank you for your advice

twentyten Sun 30-Sep-12 20:27:59

And don't undersell yourself!smile

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