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Had enough of the rat-race

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anna26anna Mon 24-Sep-12 08:32:05

I'd love to hear from any of your who were previously employed and combining motherhood and working (possibly full-time, probably with regular extra hours), and just came to a point where you had had enough, simply could not do the juggling any more - but either wanted or needed to work at something else instead, on your own terms. What finally pushed you over the edge, how did you make the change?

I work flexibly, but full-time (so, office 8:30 to 2pm), then afternoons at home with some work calls, and evening work when needed (last night until midnight, maybe once a week like this). I have a good job with an IT multinational, I'm thankful for that and experience has taught us as a family that it doesn't work for us to rely on a single earner(DH illness), so I will always contribute. I've been lucky enough to build flexibility into my role and I'm not in the office full 5 days a week - but I feel so strongly that my company and my job is not a good fit for me any more. My work gets priority when I would like to give my family priority. I feel like I am about to explode, and every day I am getting closer and closer to throwing the towel in. This is generally a good thing, because I want to throw the towel in - but I need to do it thoughtfully (DH and I are working abroad with our UK companies for a few years, in a city where the company pays extra benefits like housing, and we simply couldn't live if we didn't have my benefits). I could write pages about this, but that's enough venting, just looking for a little inspiration this morning as I'm sure I'm not the first one to feel like this. I have several business ideas and would be delighted to develop them - but am the main earner in our house just now and that makes this an extra challenge.

Would love to hear some stories.

DolomitesDonkey Mon 24-Sep-12 11:48:56

hi Anna, Well I currently work full-time for an IT multinational and am the main earner and living abroad and have two children under 2.5. Right, so we're aligned? (Although I work 95% from home, with occasional travel) wink This means as you know that childcare is troublesome and as for family help? Doesn't/can't happen.

I have started my own business on the side which isn't bringing anywhere near the kind of money I need - however, another is in progress and I expect this one to work.

I have to be disciplined with my time - and yes, of course I love my family, but that's no excuse to sit on my fat arse on the sofa at 8pm when I can be doing something for my own business... likewise, do your children really need you at 5am or could you be working for yourself?

There is absolutely no need for you to give up the full-time salaried job whilst you build your own business, although you might want to find out what your local tax obligations are because for me it's a different set-up to the UK, although aligned well due to EU rules.

anna26anna Mon 24-Sep-12 14:16:30

Oh, my, yes, we could almost be twins smile

Before I moved abroad, I also worked 95% from home in the UK, and that helped a lot with the juggling, work and home just seamlessly integrated and I got done what I needed, but there was less stress. (I moved into a sales management role for this move, and the environment is quite aggressive so that doesn't help, as well as needing to be 5-6 hours daily in the office).

Part of me thinks I could not possibly handle developing my business ideas in my evening times or early mornings at the moment (because 5am starts and midnight finishes are not unknown in my current job). We've had such a draining couple of years that energy levels are low - but I think I've got to snap out of this negative patch and get myself moving. The £1000 a day thread got me thinking, and I am exploring a niche which could offer this.

I'm in a tax-free country at the moment, although setting up business can be tricky, so let's see.

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