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Freelance work whilst on maternity leave from permanent contract.

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LordyLady Mon 28-May-12 11:28:13

I've been approached to do some freelance design work, and I'm currently on stat maternity leave since 18th May from a permanent position within a retail company. I'm concerned that as mat leave is a form of benefit I could potentially get into trouble over this, can anyone advise if I need to declare it to anyone?

misslinnet Mon 28-May-12 22:41:35

You are entitled to work up to ten keeping in touch days for the company paying your SMP while receiving SMP.

If you do paid work for another company, then the company paying your SMP can stop the payments.
This link to Guidance on Statutory Maternity Pay has more details.

MrAnchovy Tue 29-May-12 00:49:12

SMP is not a benefit, it is a payment your employer is obliged to make. You have to tell your employed if you work for anyone else as an employee, but freelance work is fine. This information is buried away here: "If you do any work in a self-employed capacity during your MPP, then such work will not affect your SMP."

missjemima Mon 11-Jun-12 18:03:07

I'm in a similar situation, but will be receiving MA as haven't been with current company long enough to get SMP. I've only just been offered the work - sorry to hijack but any guidance here would be really helpful too smile

MrAnchovy Tue 12-Jun-12 02:50:17

Unfortunately with MA the situation is different (it IS a benefit) and you are only allowed the 10 days including any self employed work or work for any employer.

LadyCurd Wed 13-Jun-12 04:47:15

If SMP then you can do as much freelance work, if MA you can only do the 10KIT days

missjemima Wed 13-Jun-12 21:06:18

Ah, thought as much... Still 10 is better than nothing I suppose and I should be able to charge a decent day rate which will make it worthwhile. Thanks for the heads up. smile

SusanQalent Tue 25-Jun-13 23:17:10

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