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Wordpress - who do you use as your host, and why, please?

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makingitin2012 Wed 25-Apr-12 10:02:03

As above really! Thank you.

lemonygem Fri 27-Apr-12 11:36:10

I have used several hosts over the years, but it really depends on what you want. I host multiple Wordpress sites now, and find that has been brilliant for that.

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE godaddy and, especially their one-click wordpress installs. Truly wank support as well.

If you're looking for a one-wordpress site hosting, you can always just use Wordpress itself. All you need to then do is register your domain name with them or point your domain servers to your Wordpress site.

If you're looking for an alternative to Wordpress hosting, I've used single site hosting with before, and their support and uptime is great. It's a US company, but never caused me any issues, costs $3.50 a month (about £2 a month).

If you prefer a UK host, heart internet have had some good reviews, but can't say personally if they're any good as I've never used them. I do know people who love them though : )


AlpinePony Sat 28-Apr-12 08:27:38

Christ, you've worried me now as I've just registered with 123! In their defence (customer service), they refunded immediately and without argument some services which went through incorrectly due to their failure...

I am just after a fairly simple site and as a programmer am quite happy to tweak and adjust until a point in the future when I can put it in the hands of the pros.

I've just moved from Wordpress because they don't allow adsense, and I've gone to Blogger, because they're owned by Google and it's all under one roof that will all be ok.

Chicinwellies Sat 28-Apr-12 21:57:21

Dont go for 123, they are awful! LCN have been brilliant with us for years now.

Tee2072 Sat 28-Apr-12 22:03:49

I don't host with them, but Dreamhost has an excellent reputation.

Before you ask, I host with my brother who only hosts family. And doesn't charge me. grin

AlpinePony Sun 29-Apr-12 07:28:49

Seriously, what's wrong with 123? I've set up one site using one of their templates and created a CNAME for a domain re-direct which took less than 8 hours to go through. And as I said, their customer service gave me back my money 'toot sweet.' My only complaint really would be the lack of email addresses on your own domain. Their web-based email/calendar/task handler looks pretty powerful although I'll be using my own client anyway.

(I do not work for them.)

Tee2072 Sun 29-Apr-12 08:41:31

I don't know anything about them, Alpine, although I know someone who uses them to register domains. I don't know anyone who hosts with them.

I do see, however, that a quick Google search of reviews for them finds they are not very highly regarded. Here is one site

Tee2072 Sun 29-Apr-12 08:42:48

Also, I meant to say, I don't know why you can't use Adsense if you are self-hosted on Wordpress. A self-hosted site, which I assume you have if you have hosting, using, should allow you to do anything you want with no restrictions.

lemonygem Sun 29-Apr-12 08:46:49

Don't get me wrong, if you do simple things with 123, you probably won't run into any issues, but when I used them it was to host more than one site - that's the main problem. I wanted to do something that was relatively simple (multiple wordpress hosting), but they have a totally bizarre setup which means that wordpress doesn't work properly without a lot of unnecessary work to the code and database when installed in a sub folder rather than the root directory. I tried to have a root around their FAQs which absolutely don't go into enough depth, and are also quite randomly categorised (read: they are crap). I then tried support who clearly didn't understand my request and pasted a (totally irrelevant) FAQ answer. When I then asked if I would have to manually update the code and database, they closed the support email and marked it as answered without actually answering bugger all!

So, simple, host your own blog type things are probably fine, but just be wary if you ever need to do anything more advanced because no one on the support desk knows their arse from their elbow!

VickityBoo Sun 29-Apr-12 08:57:33

I recommend host gator - very simple setup, easy to edit the site and add/remove things. Also good communication too through the ticket system. I've used them for a couple of years and am v happy.

AlpinePony Sun 29-Apr-12 11:05:30

Tee Tbh I've not taken those reviews to heart because most of it is "flotsam" - if people are using a web interface, not reading T&C, letting renewal notices go to junk mail and are surprised that passwords are known only to users well... grin Bless their little cotton socks!

AlpinePony Sun 29-Apr-12 11:05:52

(passwords are not known only to end users I mean)

Tee2072 Sun 29-Apr-12 12:31:47

I didn't actually read them Alpine, I just saw they were low.

I take most internet reviews with a whole shaker of salt anyway. Rarely do people praise things on the internet.

threeleftfeet Sun 29-Apr-12 12:35:11

Hostgator are brilliant. Especially their help system - they have technical advisers available via live chat, 24 hours a day. And they're very patient with my stupid questions beginners grin

AlpinePony Sun 29-Apr-12 12:55:54

haha true - The Internet, where the disenfranchised find their voice! grin

WordPresseBooks Sun 17-Mar-13 18:00:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Miller1977 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:25:06

I use Fasthost. They have been great on the support side for me.

tharsheblows Sun 17-Mar-13 21:41:26

For smaller sites, I use - have used them for about 10 years and they're excellent. If you host more than one site with them, sign up as a reseller to get discounts (up to 50%). If you're using a domain name, then you'll need to register that with someone else - I use 123 for domain name registration. I've always been super impressed with their support - I think every ticket I've ever taken out has been answered within 15 minutes.

For the last large site I did, I used who have been utterly brilliant - it's super fast (they have their own cdn), they handle security and backups (daily as well as on demand) too. They also have a one-click staging server so you can duplicate your site to test changes easily. They're expensive and probably more than most people need, but if you think you're going to get a fair amount of traffic and need something that won't go offline if traffic spikes, then they're a good deal. I sound like an ad, sorry about that - it's one of those things where I was nervous about using them and have been completely converted.

tharsheblows Sun 17-Mar-13 21:43:11

Eek, I meant that I've always been super impressed with icdsoft's support. Never had to use 123's.

Blipbip Wed 10-Apr-13 08:58:41

Haha, I have just spent an hour asking a representative of HostGater stupid questions via live chat. He was so good about it too.

A recommendation for Hostgater here but I think this is a Zombee thread grin

maxillo Wed 10-Apr-13 10:39:36

I've used Dreamhost for years - support is good, one-click installs for Wordpress and easy to manage lots of domains.

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