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Website designer recommedations?

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Theresalwaysone Thu 14-Feb-13 21:36:53

Another recommendation is I used him for two sites originally but own quite a few sites so did a two day workshop with him. I've built 6 sites since! I'd recommend learning if you are going to update your site especially if your business is in the growing stage meaning site tweeks here and there. I did that for about a year and it ended up costing A LOT! The workshop cost me less than my original site and my additional have been free, plus I've made some money from builds since!

mattmarlow Wed 13-Feb-13 17:17:14

If you are going to get your web designer to just deal with the aesthetics you might want to research how to take 'backups' and enhance the security of your Wordpress website.
Plugins could help with both of these but not always best to rely on them (for these important items anyway).
Good luck ;)

Bee202 Wed 03-Oct-12 13:39:31

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

kingcraigie Fri 04-May-12 21:47:23

My website was designed by a friend who is currently setting up a website design business. I was really pleased with how he understood what I was looking for and managed to translate it into reality. If you like my website - - and want to make contact with the designer, feel free to message me.

All the best,


AgathaFusty Wed 02-May-12 19:51:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elisse Tue 01-May-12 21:54:59


Our website has just been built by and they were fantastic - I can't recommend them enough! The design and branding itself was done by a friend who is a senior designer at a good ad agency. If you want her details please message me. You can see my website here:

Best wishes,


darkhazeleyes Mon 30-Apr-12 15:12:31

Hi Making
This guy is currently setting up a website for me, he is very knowledgeable and helpful, def worth a chat.

makingitin2012 Mon 30-Apr-12 14:43:42

Thank you all, much appreciated, I will go over the replies again in detail this evening. Gem - I've had a very quick peep at your website, looks lovely, will hopefully be in touch soon!

lemonygem Fri 27-Apr-12 11:26:35

I'm a freelance web and graphic designer, I can offer hosting, domains, email addresses, basically the whole thing from start to finish. I offer mostly logos over at and my web design is over at, so have a look and let me know. Email addresses or contact details are available there, or PM me here : ) I offer full consultations, I've been doing web and graphic design for nearly 10 years now (scary thought...) and I can send you some links to work I've done/am doing at the moment.

Let me know,


TalkinPeace2 Thu 26-Apr-12 15:35:07

the site has information used by customers to then email and book DH
we have NO adverts on the site
and an adwords budget of £5 a month
he's VAT registered ....

weirdscience Thu 26-Apr-12 13:27:26

My partner is a freelance web designer and has done some work for MNers in the past, although I was under a different user name then, and would be happy to talk over any ideas, even if you weren't 100% decided on what you were after.

Feel free to PM me if you want smile

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 26-Apr-12 13:23:59

A friend of mine is a webmistress, PM me if you'd like her details.

emma123456 Thu 26-Apr-12 13:22:33

Check out pink interactive. They did my website and I'm super pleased with it.

makingitin2012 Thu 26-Apr-12 09:55:31

Bonnie - Hi, good luck with your venture! The reason that I began by doing a lot of the work myself is that I felt this would really help me to solidify in my own mind exactly what my business is offering. I didn't feel that I could approach a web designer, for example, and ask them to design a website for me, unless I knew 100% what I was doing, and knew what services etc that my business is offering inside out. However, cost is also an issue for me - I'm currently on mat leave so am trying wherever possible to keep setup costs to the minimum! Wordpress is free, more or less, though you do have to pay for upgrades etc, which I am looking at now.
TalkinPeace2 - Thanks for the advice. Would you mind me asking, 'the earnings from the site pay my mortgage and bills' - is that by way of the queries that you receive as traffic from the site? Or by advertising? Thank you.

TalkinPeace2 Wed 25-Apr-12 22:15:48

my home written website was revamped and upgraded and made compliant by Simon of UKSiteBuilder
its an information only site with pictures, information and videos but no shopping
it cost me a couple of hundred pounds
it works on all platforms and complies with disability access rules
and I get full web stats
worth every penny
I maintain it now myself but contact Simon when I have a panic
(he knows both this and my real name)
NB the earnings from the site pay my mortgage and bills

BonnieBumble Wed 25-Apr-12 17:29:20

Watching with interest as I will be in similar position soon.

As you have done a lot of the work yourself, do you think it will make it cheaper? How much does it cost for wordpress? I think I might that give it a go for the same reasons.

makingitin2012 Mon 23-Apr-12 09:51:16

Oh my word and apologies for the incorrect spellings - just returned from the school run and obviously not thinking straight!!

makingitin2012 Mon 23-Apr-12 09:14:02

'whole thing' - not whole think!!

makingitin2012 Mon 23-Apr-12 09:13:19

Hi all. Very happy that I am finally at the stage of having a (very rough) website plan!
I have basically set it up myself on Wordpress, i.e. I now have (more or less) the pages / content on screen, in a format that is legible to now say to a professional website designer, 'this is a template of what I'd like, now can you do it properly for me please?!'
Can anybody recommend a freelance designer who could help me with this please? I'm aware that I could continue to do this for myself using wordpress, but in all honesty I would rather have it done by somebody who knows what they are doing! I do need somebody who will help me with the whole think, ie domain registration / hosting etc.

Many thanks in advance.

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