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what do I do?

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hypermum1 Fri 07-Oct-11 17:16:55

Hi. Please can you give me some advice on my dilema. Until 2 years ago I had worked in a well known financial organisation for 10 years and had worked up to management level. I left to go and set up business with my husband. It was great at first, I work part time and have all school hols off with my boys (10 and 8) and it all worked. Now however, with the current financial situation I am very worried. Business has really tailed off and we are making a small loss. We have a mortgage and the usual financial commitments and things are tight. We cant afford holidays or any treats really. I have been considering going back to work full time again. But, there seems to be very few jobs around and I dont want to settle for any old thing (although I am scare I may have to). I am wondering if I did the wrong thing leaving my old place where I had built up a good reputation and a lot of good relationships. I have spoken to my old employer but they are making lots of redundancies and there are no vacancies there. I have tentatively applied for a few jobs andnot been very successful. I really dont know what to do! Do i try to hang on in there with DH and hope things improve or do I strive to get a full time job again, even if it is not what I really want to do?

LaurieFairyCake Fri 07-Oct-11 17:19:51

In this market if you're really struggling I'd take any job - frankly I think things will get worse in the medium term (5 years or so) so if you can get work I would.

TalkinPeace2 Fri 07-Oct-11 17:26:02

breathe deeply

you say the business is making a small loss
is that before or after you extracting a living wage?
have you both sat down over a bottle of fizzy (cava is excellent for strategy planning thoughts) and brainstormed lateral thinking of potential new income streams?
Are you making use of all available networking / marketing opportunities - particularly Linkedin / adwords / facebook / blogs
I am assuming that your business is service rather than product - so your brains are what is being charged for.

DO NOT go back to full time work - read the watercooler thread to see why!
DO NOT accept a carp wage
you have skills that are currently being under utilised.
If your DH can be part time house husband in the current downturn, it might be worth looking at temping - the short term high stress appointments pay the best normally

its pretty crap out there at the moment.
I'm a beancounter so my income is holding up.
DH's income is down over 50%
we knew this would happen sooner or later so are living on savings this term.
It will pass, but only the strong will survive.
Silly thought - if you are in school fees land that is a MASSIVE saving you can make. depending!

But in the mean time, get the cava in the fridge and count down to 6.30 pm
I'll join you !

hypermum1 Fri 07-Oct-11 19:32:49

Thanks. Totally opposing views there which is sort of whats going on in my head! The loss is after our salaries. We have also had to shell out a fair bit both personally (had to get a loan which is also worrying me) and through the business to get rid of a shareholder who was causing problems. I am just not good at being brave. Its a design based co and DH is the product as its his skills people pay for. He is amazing and won loads of awards but it seems that the pool of business we get jobs from is drying up! No time for the faint hearted I guess! The cava is well and truly opened!

TalkinPeace2 Fri 07-Oct-11 21:07:29

Time not to be brave
time to be psychotic
losses after our salaries are optional - if your salaries were zilch THEN i'd be worried
if you are taking out an unfunded salary you are on to a loser

spare shareholders - WTF - I have SO many clients like that!!

faint hearted my arse
be mad
Chardonnay time ....


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