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La Jolie Ronde / French Classes

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weakestlink Thu 06-Oct-11 19:40:59

I am thinking of either buying into the Jolie Ronde franchise and becoming a licencee or setting up on my own and running children's French classes in my local area.

I would like to offer my 30 minute class to nurseries and pre-schools for say £2/child and also as an out of school activity in church halls for aprox £4/child. I would have a maximum of 8-10 children per class.

If I set up on my own I need to think about the following:
CRB check
Public liability insurance
Logo/brand design

Anything else?

I have a degree in French /German and I am hoping to start a PCGE either next year or 2013 so I am not keen to buy into the franchise for a 1-2 year time frame.

Does anyone have any advice...?

cat64 Thu 06-Oct-11 20:10:35

Message withdrawn

weakestlink Thu 06-Oct-11 20:38:02

There is nothing running in my area (rural market town) but there seems to be a thirving market for: baby massage, swimming, sensory, music, karate, dancing, gymnastics, tennis etc and I have had a couple of preschool managers say they would be very interested...

I am also thinking if I do not get onto my PGCE course this year, it will be excellent experience and look great in my personal statement for 2013.

Have also just agreed with a friend who is a graphic designer to swap logo / leftlet & poster design for French lessons! smile

weakestlink Thu 06-Oct-11 20:39:38

It will cost me £700 to buy into Jolie Ronde plus royalties and yearly admin fee after that. But that includes teaching materials. I have seen a good teaching resourse pack for £300 though.

clottedcream Mon 10-Oct-11 09:59:08

My son goes to jolie ronde classes and has done for 2 years now. I pay £3.95 which I think is really cheap

i did look at another class in the area which was a french lady/tutor but for me her classes were very dis-organised and the teaching materials she used werent that great, also there wasnt a book for my son to use. the classes were also very strict whereas jolie ronde is really good fun, my son loves the songs and is always singing them in the bath!

Im really pleased with jolie ronde they have been running a long, long time and for me this was important plus my son loves his work book that he can take home

Maybee Tue 11-Oct-11 20:10:20

I have the franchise and started in 2008. The 1st year went v well actually, I got lots of pupils. However when the recession really bit in I had to chase clients and keep marketing and although i still made a bit of extra money it became too much hassle. I have the PGCE too. However I moved to another area recently and might have another go in September. It is fun but not as lucrative as LJR suggest. I lived in Scotland at the time where ML are offered in P6/7 anyway so that might have made a difference.

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