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Lots of pt jobs?

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minicorrect Sun 18-Sep-11 16:41:03

I'm currently on maternity leave from a job I love but have to commute 2 hours each way to. As this is my 2nd DC, I don't really want to go back, but also don't really want a full time job locally either so I've been thinking about what I could do instead. We have a small mortgage and DP has worked out that we could live on a much lower income once tax credits are taken into account.
My parents are buying a property to rent out as holiday lets and have asked me to be the change manager which would be a very pt job, especially out of season so I was thinking it would be good if I could do another couple of little jobs to supplement it and DP do the same. I'm a senior Executive Assistant (currently in one of the top positions in a large corporation in London) and have experience across many industries. DP used to be an IT technician in a school so could advertise locally in that regard to help people at home perhaps.
I was thinking I could do the slightly unimaginative cupcake/cookie thing by taking some to the baby groups I go to (where mums don't get a biscuit with their tea!) to sell for a little bit of profit (not looking to go professional but thought this might be a good way to earn some extra cash).
What else could I do that would boost my income to make this a living - any suggestions? Thinking of offering an admin service to local small businesses on the industrial estate over the road, but not sure I'd make enough money without charging high hourly rates which may be beyond the smaller companies.
Does anyone else do lots of little jobs or is it more usual to stick to just one thing and build it from there?
Am very much in the early stages of thinking about this, so would appreciate any advice those more experienced can offer.

watersign76 Mon 19-Sep-11 17:50:05


So are you and DP both looking to do bits and pieces in order to make a living? As a complete outsider to your situation, it does sound rather challenging esp with young DC mixed in, but the challenge might excite you and and DP?

I went freelance at the start of the year but only because my DP has a stable job and we knew could just about live on his wage if I earnt nothing. However, we are fairly risk adverse, so the idea of both of us trying to make money as you describe frightens me, but I am guessing there are others that would like it.

I think being realistic has to be the key. How much can you actually make on selling cupcakes (50p/£1 per cake I'd guess) and how many are you going to sell at one session to cover the time it takes to shop for ingredients, make them, decorate them, walk/drive them to the venue, spend time selling them/chatting to the customers, and then drive/walk any left overs back again. Am guessing playgroup etc might also want a cut for you being there?

I would think that the most profitable thing from what you suggested is being a virtual assistant, esp with your background. And whilst local companies couldn't afford to hire a full time PA/VA, they might be able to afford some hours from a VA each week. However, the VAs I have met since I went freelance are really into networking and developing their business, I do wonder if you can do it "just a little bit" or I guess if you don't you limit what you could earn.

Have a look on there are lots of people posting odds and sods they need doing. PPH jobs tend to be low pay, but it can sometimes fill a gap and gain you experience/contacts for follow on work.

If you became a VA it wouldn't matter where your clients are.

Not sure if that helps. Good luck with it.


TracyK Tue 20-Sep-11 10:39:25

I think there would be loads of ways to 'earn a buck'. My friend gave up a high powered job in London - she loved animals - so earnt enough just by dog walking/sitting/pt at the vets/dog grooming/house decluttering/pet sitting.
There are party plans - some you need to be going out at night (which put me off).
House cleaning - charge up to £10 an hour?
Ebay stuff.
Cake making - I think would be last on my list after making carrot cakes at the weekend - ingredients cost a bloody fortune!!
You will also have to factor in child care arrangements - you won't get much done with a new born and another dc around.
I'd choose 1 or 2 things and then concentrate on getting the regular hours/££ you need rather than anything and everything.

minicorrect Wed 21-Sep-11 15:44:10

Thanks for the replies. I think I do like the idea of a challenge and am not scared of not making loads of money although DP isn't so sure and would prefer me to get a normal job!!
Had also thought about house/pet sitting and also love the idea of eventually setting up as a lifestyle manager but know this could entail 24/7 on call type work so not going to rush that one.
Will investigate pph as it could earn some pennies too.
Looked more into the cake making and it seems it could be quite complex to set up initially which has made me question it as I don't really want to be "official" about it until I know it is working. I go to the baby groups anyway so was thinking it might be seen by them as adding value to the formula more than anything. But not necessarily that simple after all.
Now I've started reading more though I think I realise I may have been a bit naive thinking I could just go off and start up little mini businesses without any official side to it. Won't give up yet though!!

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