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Starting out on my own advice? and what do people read?

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Fotherespie Mon 15-Aug-11 15:37:46

Hello, After my current employer have treated me shockingly whilst pregnant and on maternity leave, I feel that I really do not want to go back. I've decided to start my own business / private practice as I'm trained as a therapist and specialise in working with children and young people. I need to advertise my services but I'm not sure where to start. What papers and magazines do people read? particuarlly in the north west as I'm based in Manchester. Are there specialist magazines aimed at families? If you were looking for a therapist for your child where would you look first? any suggestions / advice would be really appreciated. Thanks, Paula

bacon Mon 15-Aug-11 17:04:15

anything that doesnt cost and this is the pitfall of any business. Be very careful as you you need to continually advertise to catch peoples eye - say 1 press, 1 advert in a magazine and 1 leaflet drop. Unfortunately in my experience you may be lucky to get one call from a £200 advert and that may not come to anything. I did a glossy page once which cost me £1000 - nothing at all. I would aim for notice boards say in hospitals/doctors first.

watersign76 Mon 15-Aug-11 22:02:39


Don't live in Manchester so cannot help there, sorry.

I agree with bacon that 1 advert in 1 mag isn't enough, it really does need to be ingrated across different types of promo. If you are going to spend money, I am not sure that advertising in print should be the first thing you do...

If I were you I would (you may have already done this)

* Create a website so you have an online business card. There are lots of older threads on here about how to build your own. Search engine optimisation might bring you leads. Plus some people may want to check your creds out.

* Try to list/promote yourself online as much as possible. There are lots of free places where parents spend time. Plus google places, etc

* As bacon says noticeboards are good too. But revisit them, they are cleared often.

* Think about people that can refer you and contact/network with them - Doctors, alternative health centres/shops, NHS services etc, charities that deal with young people, schools etc.

This probably feels like too much, but I would also think about how to promote yourself as an expert. Could you write to the local paper/parent mag offering to write a "Children's Expert" or whatever. This sort of thing does take time, but it can really reap rewards and it is something you can add to your website etc.

You could also do taster sessions/groups which don't make you money but could introduce to people that are interested in what you do. "Understanding child therapy; is it for us?" Join us for an informal session where Fotherespie, experienced local therapist will talk you through how child therapy works and what you can expect." etc

I would also look at what your competitors are doing. Assuming they are succesful, whatever they are doing is obviously working!

Good luck.


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