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what do you look for in a freelance photographer?

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Dozeyland Tue 09-Aug-11 09:54:39

What would/do you look for in a freelance photographer?

Would you like them to have the most influence in a shoot, or you to direct them with your ideas?

Any points or idea, would be appreciated smile

spout Tue 09-Aug-11 20:01:21

I'd want someone with a proven track record, portfolio, and ideally a photography qualification. Not an enthusiastic amateur or someone self-taught.

Saffra Tue 09-Aug-11 21:32:01

Yes, definitely portfolio - I'd say that is key for me.

I would think that for a successful shoot, the client should provide a solid brief for the photographer to work with. I have found that the more specific I am, the happier I am with the end results. That's with both model and still life photography.

Dozeyland Wed 10-Aug-11 19:37:48

Thanks for the replies.

spout May I ask what you think the difference is in regards to "not an enthusiastic amateur or self taught"?

In my experience sometimes textbook isnt always the best way. and i know of some pretty amazing amateurs/self taught photographers. smile

bacon Mon 15-Aug-11 16:59:41

My guy is in his 40's so shows experience, is qualified and has done work for the major newspapers. We can give him the brief over the phone and postcode. We have always been delighted with his work.

He charges sensibily and will do cash jobs. Personality - he's fun and now a friend.

I agree that qualifications from a good uni or art school is a must - you want flare and attention to detail - sorry but seen far too many self taught wedding photographers the work isnt up to scratch.

SayItLoud Mon 15-Aug-11 17:01:51

For what kind of work? It makes a difference.

venusandmars Wed 17-Aug-11 10:28:51

I think that 'an enthusiastic amateur / self taught' can do a good enough job if all the conditions are right, but I pay for an experienced professional becuase they can also do a great job when the conditions are difficult, they have usually invested in a wider range of equipment, so there's more potential back up in case of a technical problem, they have people who can stand in for them in case of illness, and a good professional network so that problems can be resolved. Experienced photographers will be able to direct a shoot, or respond to a specific brief, they will be good at spotting the out-of-the-ordinary or off-brief photo opportunity too. And do it quickly.

I know a few people who have become self-taught wedding photographers, and I also know couples who have been bitterly disappointed by the pictures from their day.

hypermum1 Fri 07-Oct-11 17:48:27

Here's a link to a great photographer (shameless self promotion....sorry)!

DELHI Mon 17-Oct-11 12:39:42

If it's photographing people, a good rapport is essential, especially for kids, camera-shy adults etc. A strong portfolio is your best guide, and the cheapest is rarely the best!

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