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MA in translation is it worthwhile?

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haylady Sat 23-Jul-11 23:06:27

I took the plunge and moved back to Northern Ireland this year and am finding it tricky enough to get teaching work. I'm a French/Italian teacher but have sought and found v solid advice on here before, about setting up as a translator. However there is nowhere nearby that teaches the Diptrans qualification although Queen's in Belfast teach the Masters in translation. So I'm wondering if i should apply. Is it possible to set myself up without a formal qualification? i do not have any business experience. However it is expensive and i have 3 young children (2 preschoolers) and am separated. I am keen however and need to get/build an income. The idea of studying is v appealling at the minute tho i know it would be tough as i would be doing something challenging for me.

ihatethecold Sun 24-Jul-11 16:20:32

hi haylady,
i would find out if you can gain employment with your qualification. i dont think you can be a translator without having the right quals.
sometimes a degree is enough without the diptrans, if the degree have a high percentage of translating incorporated into it.

i work for an organisation that provides interpretors and translators for the police/court/health service and i know we wouldnt use someone without the appropriate quals. also we dont have many requests for italian/french. the people we already have on our system complain that they dont get enough work.

haylady Sun 24-Jul-11 22:55:03

Thanks ihatethec,
I've just been looking into the diptrans which is much less expensive than the masters however i could do it as a distance learning option from City of London or from WLS in Dublin. Do you have any idea what the quality of teaching/tutoring is like or how i might find out about them?

ihatethecold Mon 25-Jul-11 13:08:48

no sorry i dont

falasportugues Wed 03-Aug-11 00:29:48

i work as an interpreter, not a translator, and some of the agencies are more and some less demanding about qualifications. I live in a relatively large town, where asylum seekers are dispersed to, so there is demand for the services, but not enough for it to be my only job. it is a good job for someone who is looking for 2-10 hours per month.... If I was you, I would really want to know what level of demand there was before starting the course. good luck

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