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Self employed maternity when dh will still be working in the business?

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Poweredbypepsi Tue 19-Jul-11 09:34:22

this will be my second baby that has been born while dh and I have been self employed. We both work in the business but last time we had only recently started I took no leave at all this time I would like to take at least some time off, although we work from home it was still tricky juggling a newborn and 3 other children with working on the computer etc.

I seem to qualify in terms if earnings and NI but I was wondering how it works if the business will still be running without me? Projects will still be getting done just at a slower rate so although income will fall it will not halve when stop working because of the nature of the work. We normally just split the profit half each but i assume dh will then get 100% of the profit while I'm not working? Does anyone have any clue how it works? Can I still take leave ?

It is not a huge business our combined income was less than 25,000
Last year so we can't really afford maternity leave without any top up to earnings.

mranchovy Tue 19-Jul-11 20:59:26

You can still get Maternity Allowance while your partnership business is earning profit, and even while you are taking drawings, you just can't do any work (except for the 10 permitted Keeping In Touch days).

Providing you have paid 6 months of Class 2 NI contributions you should get £128.73 for up to 39 weeks of maternity leave.

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