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Maternity Allowance and self-employed

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Enraha Mon 11-Jul-11 14:18:23

Is anyone clued up on how this works? I'm self-employed/freelance, but for one reason or another have done very little money-earning stuff in the last 6 months. I'm pregnant but have a good 6 months to go.

Is there an earnings threshold for me to qualify for Maternity Allowance payment? Ideally, would like to take at least 6 months off, plus maybe 1 month prior to birth next year. I don't qualify for other benefits.

Bramshott Mon 11-Jul-11 14:24:03

I think if you are registered as SE they assume that you earn over the threshhold. I certainly don't remember having to prove earnings.

Enraha Mon 11-Jul-11 14:29:25

ok, sounds promising. Who do I deal with on this - HMRC? Last PG was all sorted through work, so I haven't got a clue what the process will be this time round.

Bramshott Mon 11-Jul-11 14:33:29


mranchovy Mon 11-Jul-11 15:45:12

You just need to have been paying your Class 2 NI contributions for 6 months (so you need to NOT have claimed the small earnings exemption) and you should get £128.73 a week for up to 39 weeks.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 11-Jul-11 17:54:45

and I paid mine in a single cheque
then again I only got 14 weeks money as it was years ago

Enraha Mon 11-Jul-11 20:37:47

Looks like I'm in the clear then, I'm fully paid up on NI for last 12 months. Thank you. Although the DirectGov form looks like the usual bore and a half.

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