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How much do you charge for writing?

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belledechocchipcookie Tue 05-Jul-11 21:18:42

A small company has approached me and asked me to do some writing for them (secretarial stuff) and some note taking. I've no idea how much to charge though. They have suggested £12 an hour for secretarial 'stuff' and £48 an hour for note taking. confused

escape Sun 10-Jul-11 01:45:16

I have a theory on charging. How much do you 'need' to make?
i know it sounds daft, but when its on 'itty bitty' jobs, i sometimes don't consider my standard charge.. I am far more flexible depending on the payment terms, and how little time it will take.
I'd say £48 quid an hour is abloody good rate for anything tbh smile

Helenagrace Tue 12-Jul-11 21:56:35

I'd say it depends what the £48 per hour is for. Some people would expect to pay an hourly rate for the meeting but expect it to include the production and circulation of the notes as well. So a two hour meeting would earn £96 but no more money would be paid for the production of the notes and any revisions. It could end up not being that good a rate if they're really picky and will want lots of revisions.

The secretarial rate seems ok. I pay my virtual PA £11 per hour.

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