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Does anyone here run a dog walking/dog day care/home boarding business and make a decent living from it?

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kitsmummy Thu 30-Jun-11 11:59:14

Very grateful for advice, info from anyone who has any experience of this. The background is that I currently work 3 days a week but I'm likely to be made redundant in 6 months time. We have 2 children (aged 7 and 3), 1 dog (very sociable), 1 cat and we live in the countryside with a good sized house and a massive garden.

My lovely pug Betty currently goes to Doggy Day Care on one of my working days (she's with my mum the other 2 days) and basically I'm thinking that maybe this could be a good business option for me once my job goes. I/We love animals, we're in a great location and I think I could earn money and do the school runs/look after my daughter whilst earning money. And I then won't be in the position of a million other mums looking for that elusive part time job (probably minimum wage, or not a lot more), trying to juggle children/school/holidays with a job (if I manage to beat off all the competition and land the job in the first place!) and having to pay childcare for my youngest.

My only concern is that my current job pays a very healthy wage and whilst I'm happy to accept a drop in salary, I really can't afford to drop too much. This needs to be a decent income for me (rock bottom of £600 per month, preferably more like £800), rather than a bit of pocket money.

I live in rural Somerset and the price of local dog companies seems to be a lot less than the Bristol prices that I'm currently paying for my dog.

Can anyone reassure me that they earn a healthy enough living doing this? Preferably in a rural area? Or am I expecting too much of this?

Have also posted this in the Doghouse section too.

thanks so much in advance

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