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Does anyone know about putting facebook like on website?

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Lizcat Wed 15-Jun-11 10:32:52

So I've got the hang of keeping the website upto date and now I am entering into the world of a facebook page for the business, but HTF do I get that mumbo jumbo for a facebook like integrated into my website.

poppydesign Wed 15-Jun-11 13:06:55

Hi Liz
You could just add a Facebook button onto your website that links to your Facebook page - do a search on google for facebook buttons as I am sure they are sites out there that create the button for you - you just add your FB ID and they then create the code that needs to be inserted into the HTML code of your website!
Joanne @ PoppyDesign

Lizcat Wed 15-Jun-11 14:07:12

Thank you Joanne I have the code, but don't know how to insert it into the HTML code of my website. Facebook give you the code no charge.

mranchovy Thu 16-Jun-11 01:22:33

How do you maintain your web site? Do you have FTP access or do you use some kind of web application to change content?

Lizcat Fri 17-Jun-11 19:13:27

Ooops replied yesterday Mr Anchovy, but it must have got lost in the ether. I use Microsoft Office live to host and maintain my website content.

mranchovy Sat 18-Jun-11 13:00:44

Just put the code in a custom footer module (make sure it is set to HTML format if there is a choice).

Lizcat Sat 18-Jun-11 13:28:25

Thank you Mr Anchovy I will try that.

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