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Designing books for babies

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just5moreminutes Thu 02-Jun-11 15:07:08

I have an idea for a series of touchy feely books for babies. I know there's a lot out there already but I'm convinced mine's a good'un. I am absolutely clueless and have no idea of how to approach publishing companies - anyone done this before?

Basically I want the moon on a stick - I want to say, look at this beautiful design, take it off my hands and give me some money, without spending anything myself.

All the companies I've looked at understandable do not want unsolicited approaches from the likes of me. How do I slip the net?

RuthChan Thu 02-Jun-11 21:01:42

Some lesser-known publishers will accept unsolicited submissions, but they are definitely in the minority.
The vast majority will only consider you if you have an agent who approaches them on your behalf.
This is an amazingly competitive area and there are thousands of people out there with ideas who want to get a toe in the publishing door.

There is a book, The Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, which contains information about how to approach publishers, lists of publishers and all the details you need to approach them.
If you're serious, it might be worth a look.
Apparently it's available in most libraries.

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