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I am Smuggy McSmug of Smugsville

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KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 31-May-11 13:39:45

For I have done my Tax return for 10/11.

Hurrah! It was a piece of piss. Why the fuck did I pay the useless, patronising twat of a book keeper to do it for me last year, I'll never know.

My accounts are fairly simple and I have an excellent spreadsheet.

Still got to find £635 before end of Jan... I'll worry about that when I return of ML...

Sailtheseas Tue 31-May-11 22:16:42

Well done - care to share spread sheet as a template....*begs on bended knee*

covkimbo Wed 01-Jun-11 08:06:27

Message deleted

TalkinPeace2 Wed 01-Jun-11 17:50:34

I tend to save my people more than I charge because I can spot the things they have missed.....

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 01-Jun-11 21:32:45

Yep, did all that, when I did have the book keeper he did at least give good advice on what I should claim.

He was still a patronising git though. Really pissed me off. He thought my main work (providing a support service to a virtual call centre operated by home workers) was pie in the sky stuff hmm

It is a dead simple spready.
I have a sheets for Assets, Business Expenditure, Business Mileage, Stock Purchases, Income and a summary page which works out the Gross Profit and Net Profit.

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