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Who would you recommend for business cards?

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parachutes Tue 15-Feb-11 13:49:41


I need to order some new business cards. I want to use my own logo/pic (which is colour) and just the usual company name, email, etc.

Can you recommend anyone?


covkimbo Tue 15-Feb-11 14:03:05

Message deleted

TalkinPeace2 Tue 15-Feb-11 16:01:07

I buy blank cards and print them
that way I have several designs on the go - for different things - and can update it as the fancy takes me.

walkbesideme Tue 15-Feb-11 16:04:55

Goodprint are great and really cheap. You can get up to 60% off the rrp. Loads of different designs or you can upload your own. Matt, gloss, rounded corners etc.

Talkinpeace2 - where do you get the blanks from? Do you have a special printer? I think I'd quite like to have a few different designs on the go at once.

TalkinPeace2 Tue 15-Feb-11 16:09:00 -matte-inkjet-business-cards-220gsm-200-per-pack.h tml

or any other stationery supplier
any half decent inkjet is happy with up to 275 gsm paper

Saffra Tue 15-Feb-11 17:29:48

I have used and the cards are excellent.

thomasbodley Tue 15-Feb-11 17:37:30

Unless you're going to do something very fancy like embossing or thermography, the key cost is timeframe (labour), quantity, delivery charges, and especially the quality and weight of the card being printed upon. When comparing prices, I'd specify 350gsm as a minimum for a business card.

Phone around for competitive quotes - digital printers and lithographers are all using the same machines, so you're not going to get a substantially different result.

Saffra Tue 15-Feb-11 19:47:24

I second 350gsm as a minimum.

OfflineFor30Seconds Wed 16-Feb-11 08:50:06

I used ; you can print as many different images on the reverse side as you like.

They were good quality too.

parachutes Wed 16-Feb-11 10:57:59

Hi, thanks for all the replies. I did order a sample from as I found their offer online. Will also look into the others mentioned.
Thanks a lot.

Seabright Wed 16-Feb-11 22:57:15

I use vistaprint, they are very good but do send you loads of emails.

cloudwalker Sat 18-Jun-11 00:45:48

Moo are really good it has to be said.

If you're still looking/looking again for business cards and want larger quantities, I have printer that I use for clients of mine who are looking for fast turnaround, (24hrs) high quality/low cost business cards. To give you an off the cuff cost, they do 1000 double sided, 400gsm, matt laminated, business cards for £85.80 (includes VAT and delivery).

Let me know if this is something that you might find useful.


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