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Are theere actually any jobs out there???

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Bamboozle21 Thu 10-Feb-11 15:35:32

I have put this on another area on here re jobs but just notices this freelancers section and thought I may get some more responses or help here!!
Ok I am new on here, just registered today as I am so fed up trying to find work.

This is a bit of a long one!!

My kids are now in their early teens, at secondary school and I am now at a point that I would like to go back to work on a full time basis (although part-time would be OK).

Before kids I worked full time for a large pharmaceutical company it involved long hours and a long commute each day. When I had my twins I found I was in the situation that most (certainly mums) find themselves. I had to get the twins up at 6am to get them to the nursery for 7am then drive just over an hour to work, do a full days work then would panic that I wouldn't get stuck in traffic or anything at the end of the day to catch the nursery closing time, or get fined!

I found that I was spending more in petrol and nursery fees than I was earning and decided that I could do the same job on a freelance basis and work it round the kids.

So I made the decision to leave and have been freelancing ever since. I would say up until last summer things were going OK, I had enough work to keep me ticking over and I could work easily around school hours/holidays. I am set up to work from home as well as go into companies.

However I have since gone through a horrible divorce and am now a single mum. I really need to find permanent work or at least work I can do with a steady income. As I said the work has dried up gradually since last summer, a company I was working for for the last 2 years on a freelance basis has closed and made it's employees redundant another company I have had a lot of work from has now farmed it all out to India and any other contacts I have are just not hiring.

I have signed on with every agency going in my field and what frustrates me is they are quick enough to sign me up but never get back to me with work, let alone answer my emails and if I call they are always out, in a meeting, on holiday, or just picked up the other phone! I look on their web sites and they seem to have a lot of jobs advertised but when I ask about them they always conveniently seem to have just filled them.

I have had excuses from, "I won't put you forward for that job as when the freelance situation picks up you will leave and do that instead" to one yesterday "let me see where you live? Ah it will be a 2 hour commute for you and you say you have children so it wouldn't be suitable for you so I won't continue any more with this application"!!!

I have tried to apply for other jobs, one as a receptionist, was told that as I didn't have any experience they didn't think I would be suitable and another which involved telemarketing the interviewer again said that as it's not what I am trained to do and have done most of my life she thought I wouldn't be loyal and leave at the first offer of another job! And that I would get bored!!! BTW the company I worked for before freelancing I was there 11 years and the one before that 10 years, so I would say that's pretty loyal!

I have tried as suggested on here but the only thing on there was advertised last summer, I have contacted the company and they are not hiring any more!! I have tried to contact companies direct but most job web sites have jobs that are advertised via agencies. Any companies I have managed to get details for seem to have Rottweiler receptionists that won't put me through to anyone or say just send in your CV to never hear anything again!

AAARRGGGHHH So if anyone out there has any hints and tips on how to find work I would really appreciate it! I get asked why I have been freelancing for 10 years like I have leprocy or something!

I can't be the only one out there in this situation? Apart from looking on agency web sites for what seem to be completely non existent jobs I don't know where else to try.

Bamboozle21 Thu 10-Feb-11 15:37:58

Arrrgghh and now my internet connection is going sooooo slow that it's typing errors!!

Bamboozle21 Thu 10-Feb-11 15:38:35

Arrrrggghhhh and now my internet connection is going sooooo slow it's typing errors!!!!!!!

Watersign76 Thu 10-Feb-11 16:25:49

What a frustrating time you are having. Sorry to hear of your divorce too.

The situation isn't great, as although there are jobs, there are lots and lots of people going for them.

My practical (and hopefully not patronising) advice would be:

* You cannot change the job market, but you can change your CV, what you say to interviewers and your general approach to finding the right job. As that is the thing you can control focus on that. I am guessing you want a list of proactive things that can take your mind off the situ.

* Could you position 'freelancing' as 'Running my own company'. I wonder if the later sounds more solid/dependable with the feedback you have received. Do you list the achievements of those years? Did x for client y etc.

* Keep a log of what you have applied for etc. It might help you feel like you have done something, although equally it could be depressing.

* You sound like you have done this already, but sign up to every job website for job alerts. People tend to pick 1 place to advertise so you need to have all basis covered.

* Ask somebody to have a look at your CV. A critical eye might pick up things that you don't see.

* Prepare "your story" in advance with agencies/interviews.

I read The Perfect Interview by Max Eggert years ago, it was great. He really impressed that the interviewer only knows what you tell them. As a mum I know I don't want to 'let slip' that I have kids, but by preparing answers you shouldn't need to tell them negative (or what could be considered negative) information. I'd really recommend the book.

* Write to companies in your field directly. I know you don't want further freelance work, but picking up a remote contract for a similar job role might be a quick win for the short term.

* Can you get work experience (yes I know you aren't 16!) at different types of jobs? It might give you the 'in' you need.

*Network - connect to everybody you know on LinkedIn, go to networking events - there are generally lots of business networking groups all over the country.

* Have you looked into what benefits you are entitled to etc. Might help in the short term.

Hope that is of some help. The right job is out there.

Best of luck.

EddieLamb Tue 26-Feb-13 10:23:56

I am looking for a good part time potentially full time telemarketer.

Eddie Lambrick 07944 356547

Jennio2 Thu 28-Feb-13 14:15:14

I have recently started my own company and am looking for people to join my business. It is based around the Health and Wellness Industry with green and ethical products. It is flexible with amazing company benefits and a network of very supportive people. If you are open to opportunities, and a positive person, I would love to hear from you.

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