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shufflebum Sat 11-Dec-10 15:30:20

With my work as an equine sports massage therapist I have to create reports to send to vets after each visit and typing the reports is very time consuming so I wanted to design something to help.
Has anyone ever designed their own software? I have no IT skills beyond everyday word excel and Mumsnet so don't know if I am being totally unrealistic! Am also presuming getting a professional to design something for my own personal use rather than resale would be cost prohibitive.

ItsAHollyJollyTee Sat 11-Dec-10 16:54:50

What exactly do the reports have? Can you maybe design a template in Word or Excel with fields you can fill out, rather than trying to programme something? Because, yes, that would be complicated if you don't know anything about software and only have basic IT skills.

shufflebum Sat 11-Dec-10 17:13:07

Ideally I'd want to link it to a database of clients as I often see the same people more than once.
Diagrams are helpful to pinpoint the exact location of spasms etc so not sure if that would work in word or excel.
I had a google and found a few sites like this but have no idea how good they are

ItsAHollyJollyTee Sat 11-Dec-10 17:43:02

Well, simple databases are quite easy in Access.

Diagrams I don't know about!

But since that link you posted is freeware, download it and give it a go. No other way to find out how good it is, really!

shufflebum Sat 11-Dec-10 18:20:27

ah I get it freeware as in it's free! I did wonder! Christ alive it's a wonder I make it from day to day sometimes blush

Talkinpeace Sun 12-Dec-10 16:13:07

I use openoffice
it links spreadsheet, word processor, database and presentation for free, updated every month.
To send things to clients who are still paying huge fees to Microsoft every month, DH and I tend to send all our documents out as PDF's
that way the formatting is locked and they cannot fart about with the text.

shufflebum Sun 12-Dec-10 18:31:22

will have a look...sure I will come back with questions!

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