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anyone tried 'maverick money makers' or other affiliate marketing systems?

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alannabanana Sun 14-Nov-10 12:15:05

am looking for a way to make money online and from home so i dont have to put ds's into childcare and go out to work (have been working from home the last 3 years as freelancer for a sports website which will be no more at end of jan!)
i've been researching maverick money makers as it looks the least 'scammish' of all the work from home type offers out there, and as it appears similar to what i was doing before i will prob get on alright with it, but im just so worried about being conned out of what little spare money we have.
does anyone have experience of this club? or any other experience of affiliate marketing? is it going to be anywhere near as profitable as it claims to be???

goldenpeach Sun 14-Nov-10 21:37:01

Affiliate Windows seems OK. But you need to put effort into it to make any money.

I suggest you join British Mummy Bloggers so you can connect and learn strategies.

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