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Maternity Allowance - quick question

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Limelight Tue 09-Nov-10 22:11:39

To all of your self-employed maternity allowance claimers out there! grin Can you help me with a quick question?

Section 5.c of the claim form asks 'what dates were you registered as self-employed?' Do they mean within the test period, or do they mean more generally (so from the date I registered as self-employed with HMRC)?

I claimed maternity allowance after DS was born. You think I'd have kept a photocopy of that form but no.....



mranchovy Wed 10-Nov-10 01:16:28

It is badly worded, they only need to know about what happened during the test period but I am sure that it would be fine if you put in a start date that is before the test period and/or enter the date you sign the form as the end date (providing that is true of course).

orangina Wed 10-Nov-10 01:24:26

I put in from the date I registered with HMRC. Was that correct? I have no idea, but I did get my maternity allowance.....

Good luck!

Helenagrace Wed 10-Nov-10 22:51:51

I was a sole trader when pg with ds and I think I put down the dates covered by me paying NI contributions.

geekygiraffe Thu 18-Nov-10 15:30:35

I put from when I registered as being self-employed, and then realised they meant the test period. So put two dates. Just got confirmation form through, so it obvs worked!

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