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Neal's Yard Remedies direct selling

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lavender11 Thu 26-Aug-10 14:07:11

I started a thread about body shop direct selling but in the course of my internet searches I noticed that Neal's Yard Remedies now do direct selling too. Of the very few products I have tried they have always been lovely but from memory they are very expensive. What image do you think Neal's Yard Remedies has in terms of both price and target market? My first reaction is that these would be difficult to sell direct because of the high price tag? Do you agree ? If anyone out there is actually doing this and is already a rep any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks

lwilliam Thu 26-Aug-10 15:22:55

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lavender11 Thu 26-Aug-10 15:53:11

Thanks Lynn, I am in the process of looking through your website and finding all the information about becoming a consultant, just trying to find the stuff about minimum targets etc.
No I don't have that much party plan experience before but I do have access / contact with a fairly wide base of people who I think might be interested in buying. However I still have very young ones at home at the moment so trying to make the decision as to whether I have the time to make it worthwhile and give it my best shot. However thanks for your email
I was interested generally in the image NY have - I think it is a very good image for the reasons you mentioned but it is maybe slightly more up market than other brands - to me this is a good thing but I guess you need to get your target market right as a result

cornsillky Thu 26-Aug-10 15:56:17

I wouldn't go to a bodyshop party as I don't much like their stuff. Would go to a Neal's yard one though.

lwilliam Fri 27-Aug-10 10:07:44

I think you are right about the brand, it is a classic, actually been around for nearly 30 years and I think the ethical and moral basis is what puts them in a different class and people respect that and seem very willing to pay for it's certainly what attracted me to the company and I'm very glad that it did. Jsut love what I do.

There are no minimum targets/parties etc or order size, no stress or pressure but a great pay structure starting at 25%. If you want the full details then email me and I'll forward you a copy

New brochure and 40+ new products launching on 1st exciting...including a basic colour range - all organic!!
My customers are going to love it.

overthemill Wed 08-Sep-10 08:57:38

i enquired about this last year and although was initially very keen ended up really put off by the pushy manager who i was put in touch with. i felt really hassled by her and felt she just wanted to sign me up to increase her commission (i assume she gets a higher rate the more consultants she has).

I love the brand but didn't want to be hassled, just to earn some extra money in the coming up to xmas time! Would love to know of the experiences of others as i'd still like to do it

TracyK Wed 08-Sep-10 10:25:21

Do you need to have a 'manager' - can you not just do it yourself?
I'd be interested too - do you think you can just dip in and out of it - ie Xmas, valentines day etc - or once you start do you need to keep it up?

overthemill Wed 08-Sep-10 11:39:28

as far as i understood it, you ask about it and they put you in touch with someone who is basically with overall responsibility for your area - a team leader. they 'manage' you, you go to team meetings etc and they earn off you

TracyK Wed 08-Sep-10 15:37:29

Thats a pity if you don't 'connect' with the manager.

dingdong3 Thu 09-Sep-10 18:43:03

I think it's probably just a personality thing. I'm a Neal's Yard consultant and I find there is a great support network and fab training. I couldn't have done as well as I do without this support so I don't begrudge my upline the commission they get from me for this support as most of the girls are just like me - trying their best to make an income and in fact, very busy supporting a growing team. Also, I have NEVER felt pressured to sell or hit any kind of target. Really love working with them and would thoroughly recommend it.

overthemill Thu 09-Sep-10 19:22:25

i don't begrudge them a living nor their commission - and i love the products! - it was just the hassly way she made contact when i had told her i was at the thinking about it stage. wanting to add it into other things i do her approach made me feel it would be a big deal if i didn't do a party every week.

i am sure the support is good, where are you, maybe i could be in your team!?

dingdong3 Fri 10-Sep-10 15:13:20

I know what you mean OTM I hate being pushed into things and find it a real turn off if someone gets too much of the sales head on.

I haven't recruited anyone myself to date as I wanted to become more confident with the products and parties before I took anyone under my wing. Even with the great support, I would want to feel confident about being at the end of the phone for any questions from my recruits.

I'm in Northern Ireland (prob couldn't get further away from you!!) but in theory, I can make up a team from anywhere in the UK as local support is available within about an hour of most areas so it doesn't matter where your team leader comes from. Think of the advantages...I'd be too far away to be tormenting you?!!! wink

Seriously though, if you're interested, I'll give you my email could be my first recruit! grin

greenmum1 Tue 14-Sep-10 15:58:29

I work as a Wikaniko distributor they have a large range of products, online training, your own website for customers to buy from, you can do party plan, catalogue drops, fairs no targets to meet before you earn commission which is 33-45% plus other incentives I've found this company to be friendly and supportive. Research all the companies to see what one would suit you best.

lwilliam Sun 27-Feb-11 09:39:32

I've just come back to this thread, and whilst I know it's probably too late for those initial enquiries may be useful for others.

It is such a shame that you felt you found a pushy "manager". In fact the official term is upline recruiter (for neals yard remedies organic) and depending on their status would depend on the interaction you have.

Their responsibility is not to bully you into doing anything you don't wish to, but to support, help and train you as required. I'd find out how a potential recruit wants to work and what they want to achieve and agree what support (and/or motivation) they would require.

We won't all get on with everyone, but hopefully we wo't let personality be representative of a company. Therefore, I would really recommend that if you make an enquiry and you don't feel comfortable with that person, try another consultant until they find someone they feel they can work with and other them the support they require.

Certainly with NYR Organic it generally dosn't matter about location. I've grown a large team all over the UK and have put support mechanisms in place to support those team members, including an online forum and conference calls. But if someone feels they can support themselves, they don't need to participate at all.

If you are the type of person that would prefer, local team meetings and individual training then having a local leader is more important.
Personal decisions for each of us.

I hope no one misses out on an opportunity just becuase of a personality issue.

Find a product you can be proud of selling and passionate about, an upline that will support you the way you want to be supported and go for it!

VickiWatts123 Wed 04-May-16 20:56:01

Hi, I am a fairly new complementary therapist and find the Neals Yard products fit with my ethos. I am considering becoming a consultant with a view to using the products during my therapies and hopefully selling post treatment. I was a little concerned about the prices of some items and also being pushed by a team leader as I was with Avon many years ago. The flip side is, I would like guidance and support in how to make it work for me and hopefully allow me to make some money using a brand I can get behind and believe in. Wanted more advice but reluctant to start the process online in case it wasn't for me. Anybody got anymore info.

Nikster123 Thu 19-May-16 20:23:35

Hi VickiWatts123, I am also a complementary therapist (currently doing Reiki and Crystal healing) I signed up to be a consultant for Neal's Yard 2 months ago and am absolutely loving it!! I'm not a pushy sales type person so was worried how well I would get on at actually making sales but the products are so lovely they kind of sell themselves!! I've given samples out and chatted to friends, family and Reiki clients and they all keep coming back to buy more! I'd be happy to chat with you about it if you like? My contact details are on my website There are a couple of promotions on the starter kits at the mo I can also give you info on those too. If you wanted to join my team (I promise not to be pushy!) there is a link on my website - there are no targets to meet,no minimum sales or anything like that, there is an incentive program for the first 3 months but that's your choice if you want to aim for that or not (I decided I wouldn't because I wanted to ease in slowly but so far have met all the incentive goals much to my surprise). We have a Facebook group which you could join that I have found invaluable - people post questions and info on there all the time, everyone is really lovely and tries to help you out as best they can. Anyway I'll stop waffling but if you want to chat give me a call or send me a message :-) xx

VickiWatts123 Thu 19-May-16 21:35:52

Many thanks for your answer. I have now decided to go ahead and recently became a Consultant!

Nikster123 Thu 19-May-16 22:40:23

Yay! Well done - how are you finding it? X

WrenNatsworthy Wed 01-Jun-16 23:16:33

Hello! I'm a consultant too - so happy to find this thread! How is everyone finding it?

kidsinamerica73 Sat 18-Mar-17 02:43:34

I realise this is a 'zombie thread' but thought I'd breathe new life into it! I'm a new NYRO (Neal's Yard Remedies Organic) consultant, loving it and am doing it alongside my day job. I have small children and disabilities but want to find a way out of my day job as it doesn't fit in with my domestic setup anymore.
I am puzzled over a few things tho, I receive partial housing benefit and tax credits. I'm not sure how the NY job fits in with benefits etc, very 'bitty' work, I am not making any profit as money goes into all the bits I need for selling, admin tools, stock, samples etc
Does anybody know if/how I declare it to benefit agencies as it's different every week? Also should I register as self employed?

WrenNatsworthy Mon 20-Mar-17 14:00:42

You need to spreadsheet to track your incomings and outgoings. I have two businesses and so both go on my tax return. I am still entitled to tax credit as I am earning below the threshold with both of them combined.

Where I live there's lots of support for women in business - can you look at what support is available to you?

kidsinamerica73 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:45:30

Hi wren thanks for your reply. What sort of support do you mean? Face to face or online? I can find lots online but it would be helpful to sit with someone and go through it all!

WrenNatsworthy Mon 20-Mar-17 20:49:29

We have a Facebook group for mums in business who live in my area. The council have a whole programme devoted to supporting women in business- plus there's free courses for people starting their own businesses.

kidsinamerica73 Tue 21-Mar-17 00:15:38

WrenNatsworthy thank . I shall research this tomorrow x

WrenNatsworthy Wed 22-Mar-17 09:57:01

Good luck. Feel free to PM me for more info.

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