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Am I taking on too much?

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Andrea67 Tue 01-Sep-09 10:47:50

Hi there everyone!

I'm new to this. Thought I'd get going with this one...

My husband and I are being assessed for long term fostering. We know the children involved. There are 3 of them under the age of 8.

Do you think we are taking on too much? What difficulties are we going to face? What are the chances of them going back to their real parents?

Or, are we doing the right thing? We already have 3 boys between us?

Any thoughts?

Andrea x

preciouslillywhite Tue 01-Sep-09 10:49:41

just marking/bumping this one. Am pondering fostering myself so v v interested in your responses/progress...good luck!

Andrea67 Wed 02-Sep-09 16:20:19

Thanks, PLW - love the name.

Waiting patiently for tips....

MrsMerry Fri 25-Sep-09 12:48:56

Wow Andrea,
you are doing a great thing fostering 3 children. I have 2 11 year olds of my own and I am fostering a 2 year old and giving respite to a 5 year old. I have been doing this for around 5 years.
6 children in a house is a lot and you may find yourself spread thinly with all the children and your partner. If your children are a lot older you might find it difficult to spend quality time with them.
If you and your husband are doing this together then all the better, if he works long hours then it would be challenging.
I would be asking your link worker about contact, how often/long and are you expected to do transport. LAC reviews and hearings can be difficult but your Link worker should support you. Will you get respite?
Fostering is very rewarding but the first month or so can be very challenging for all involved.
Sorry I have run out of time but good luck.xx Sorry I didn't answer all your question.

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