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Anngeree Sun 21-Jun-09 21:32:54

Just had my initial home visit last Thu & I was really overwhelmedshock by the amount of information they need about you as a prospective foster carer (even though I can understand why it is needed!)

I was told they'd even need to contact my ex partner (my son's dad) though what use that would be I don't know as he left me when I was a few wks pregnant & I've brought my son up on my own for the last 6yrs with no support from him (he's even avoided paying the CSA) So he knows nothing about me as a parent!

I had to explain that as a teenager I'd been placed on the at risk register due to my father emotionally abusing me & my brother this is an aspect of my past I felt I had dealt with but I must admit i'm a bit apprehensive about digging too deep into my past & raking over forgotten emotions.

Fostering is something i've wanted to do for a really long time even before I had my own child I think it's partly to do with my upbringing (my way of giving something back) but after the initial meeting & finding out what they need to know i've been left wondering if it's the right thing for me!

I suppose i'm looking for a bit of encouragement from people who've been through the process.

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