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Fostering with chronic illness

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Papayalady Sun 27-Sep-20 18:17:03

I'm hoping to hear others' experiences of fostering despite having a chronic illness themselves, e.g ME, MS, lupus. Obviously it depends on severity but it'd be interesting to get people's thoughts. I've had ME for a few years, but it's manageable. I'm single with none of my own children. I've been thinking about fostering for the last decade and have reached a point I think it could look into it seriously. Thanks!

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Brainygaga Sun 04-Oct-20 17:01:24

Hi, i assess foster carers and a thorough medical would be completed with your GP and then a recommendation made by an independent medical advisor. Having a chronic illness that is under control would not automatically rule you out. As an assessor i would be looking carefully at your support network (friends and family) given that you would be a single carer so that there was a contingency should your condition deteriorate.

f0stercarer Mon 05-Oct-20 10:06:35

discussion on fostering with disabilities on womans hour radio 4 oct 5th. ie f/c with disabilities not children with disabilities.

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