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Spare bedroom design and advice for respite carers.

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ChooksAndBooks Sat 18-Jul-20 07:17:44

We are newly approved foster carers. We had initially applied with long term foster care in mind, but have decided to get some experience as respite foster carers first.

Any hints or tips? They are talking about placing a girl with us who is late primary school aged for a few weeks over the summer.

At the moment our spare room only has a single bed in it and a bedside table. You can fit 2 singles in comfortably along with the other furniture we will need like drawers and cupboards.

I was thinking that to maximise on flexibility we should look at getting at least one single bed with an additional trundle bed in the storage area underneath each....what do you think?

I had considered putting in a bunk bed but I know my LA don't like them being used if the child is under 6 and it might be a bit tricky trying to keep a 3 or 4 year old off the top bunk.

What is your spare bedroom set up like?

I was thinking maybe getting one or two of these....

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SorrelForbes Sat 18-Jul-20 22:08:14

If you've got room, I'd go for two singles.

SorrelForbes Sat 18-Jul-20 22:10:19

Sorry, pressed post too soon!

Go for singles or bunk beds. As long as the bunk beds have guard rails I can't see a problem. For respite care and short term placements, the resources office will be more concerned about numbers of beds rather than type.

fasparent Sun 19-Jul-20 00:38:14

Would be flexible as with rest bite , will find every child will be different as will be there needs, a single child may have special needs, one bed and space no clutter, then may be two childen., or one who requires a cot bed or a cot. Have you got a shed or storage, would start off with what is require for your 1st placement and go from there. Wish you all the best.

Cassimin Fri 24-Jul-20 18:40:17

We have 2 rooms and have a single in one which is our long term fc bedroom and bunks that can be changed into singles in the other.
One or two weeks a year give respite to siblings so their carers can take a break. The rest of the time the room is empty.

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