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SGO - Letterbox Experiences Pls

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insideoutandback Tue 19-Mar-19 15:16:20

I have posted here and on Adoption Thread
How does this normally work, I am left feeling totally unsupported by SS. We have a little boy under and SGO we have had him for 8 months his BP were distant relatives he still has a little contact his maternal side. SS recommended letterbox only for BF. We have heard nothing then the other day we came home to cards and photos forwarded by SS from BF. We had no warning these were coming and no advice on how to answer. I rang SS to say I was shocked these just landed with no warning or advice, there was a request for photos (we aren’t comfortable sending them). I have asked for advice on how to answer and was told to give a brief summary of how he is getting on? Well he has been fairly poorly do I write this? Was also told to send duty SW and they will forward? Doesn’t seem very formal to me?

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