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Will I have a chance?

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Notsurewhat1981 Sat 02-Mar-19 15:11:48

Hi there we are considering applying to become Foster carers. I know the selection process is rightfully very detailed, and as nobody Is perfect I just wanted to ask a few questions about areas of concern :
Firstly, finances - I have quite poor credit and am still paying off some old debts. My husband on the other hand is squeaky clean, owns the house and has no other debt except the mortgage. Will my past go against us?
Secondly, ex partner references - we don't get on with his ex wife at all, although he is a model father to his son I doubt she will have much favourable to say, and equally my ex partner didn't end with me on the best terms. Does anyone know to what extent they take any nasty comments into account?
Other than those 2 issues I would hope we would be seen as good applicants

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OhDiddums Sun 03-Mar-19 18:08:20

I don't think your credit would be a problem. However they do take into account what ex partners/children have to say in regards to parenting and upbringing.

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