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Me and my babu is foster care and they want to do a hair alcohol test on me

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karch Tue 26-Feb-19 15:30:34

I'm in care with my baby and the court decided to do a alcohol test on me. I have been drinking but never as much so I can not look after my son, I have agreed to stop drinking and getting help drinking. When they take my hair will see the alcohol I have drunk and what will happen after this ?

Didn't no what topic to put in under so I just put it under fostering.

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BartonHollow Tue 26-Feb-19 15:38:18

Are you in a Mother and Baby Placement OP?

Have those who support you told you why it is being done and what the consequences are?

I would imagine it would show up on the test, even if you weren't drunk, yes

Are you breastfeeding?

LightDrizzle Tue 26-Feb-19 15:40:19

A quick Google tells me that hair samples give information about alcohol consumption over the past 3 to 6 months, depending on the length of the hair sample.
Good luck with tackling your drink problem. I think the consensus is that total abstinence is the only safe and effective response to alcoholism, but I’m no expert on that.
Do your health/ support workers know you have been drinking? If you have been following their advice then you have nothing to worry about. However if you have told them you stopped drinking x weeks ago and the samples indicate otherwise, then it will be a red flag and indicate denial on your part. They will however be used to this.
You need to work with them and hold nothing back.

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