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fostering - guardian article

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Hattifattner Tue 14-Aug-18 12:14:43

An interesting article in the Guardian about fostering and what could be done to recruit and retain more carers.

He does make a good point or two about the support for FCs and some of the financial assistance that could be offered without breaking the bank. Social care budgets are so stretched that there is no extra money to be had.

Sadly the comments include a lot of FC bashing - it should be a vocation, and of course you can give up work and feed these children on fresh air and love! FCs are in it for the money! (67p an hour or, if you only count 40 hours a week, less than £3 an hour).

I thought it was good that he highlights the shambles that is post-18 care ....FC income halved, and now there is no housing benefit for 18-21yos, Social Services are expecting the child to make up the shortfall in their expenses if they stay put. Our LA want the child to pay £70pw plus £20 food.....all this on an apprentice or minimum wage salary. Madness! No provision or assistance if the child is not ready to find work or if they cant find a job. Its like the child reaches 18 and suddenly their needs and their vulnerability counts for nothing!

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