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Permanent Fostering

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Sunnies Mon 02-Jul-18 22:10:43

Hi, my husband and I are considering permanent fostering (we are in scotland) and we are trying to get as much information as possible. We would be grateful for any information anyone can provide, good and bad of course!
Thanks in advance x

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Nickersnackersnockers Tue 03-Jul-18 19:15:22

Not sure I would use the term permanent fostering, do you mean long term placements? Sorry just noticed you are in Scotland so maybe different terminology.

We are on our second long term placement. The first one was over 8 years and it was tough at times, well lots of the time. The most important thing for me is that I will not move a child on if I've agreed to a long term. Multiple placements damage children in my opinion.

I'm 7 months into my second long term placement, he will be here for more than 4 years. We've had lots of short term ones too, sometimes just for a night or two.

It's a big commitment and will change your life forever.

Why not start with some short term placements and see how you go?

MonsterChopz Tue 03-Jul-18 19:23:52

I'm an adopter (in Scotland) not a foster carer but I do have some friends who have done permanent foster care. I think it can. Be quite tough, you get some of the parental rights/responsibilities but social work hold some also. I don't know toouch about it but it does seem like you get the shitty end of the stick a bit. Social work still have quite a control over your family but you are left to get on with it a bit more than a long term placement. Are you already a foster carer who does short term placements?

Sunnies Tue 03-Jul-18 19:30:28

Thanks for your responses.

We aren’t foster caters at the moment. We are completing our home study and the SW suggested Permanent Fostering as a route we should explore. We hadn’t really given it much though so we are doing our homework now to establish pros and cons (which everything has).
I like the suggestion of trying out the short term placements, we will ask our SW about this option.
Thanks again.

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Alister84 Fri 06-Jul-18 16:10:21

I’m a foster carer in Scotland and have had the same placement for three years. They will stay with myself and my partner until they decide otherwise.

My advice, choose a LA or IFA very carefully you need brilliant support and professionals to guide you!

NotAQueef Fri 06-Jul-18 16:20:50

I was long term fostered for more than ten years (8-18 officially, then out of term time 'til I completed uni) and can say that it was a amazing to have time to settle into a home and become part of a family without the fear of being moved on (as I had been several times prior to that). Changed my life completely.
I am in awe of anyone who fosters, you do a brilliant job.

Sevendown Fri 13-Jul-18 09:18:38

There’s a huge shortage of FC to take on children on permanence orders.

So it’s great you are considering this.

I think it’s actually a lot easier than short term FC.

Contact will be very limited or non existent. The D.C. are likely to be in a stable emotional place in their lives. You can make long term plans.

You don’t have as many visits or meetings.

Sharklover47 Sun 22-Jul-18 00:50:59

I’m a permanent foster care also in Scotland. Saying that I’m still waiting on the permancy order being granted and I’ve had my foster child for 4.5 years!! I still have social work visits on a regular basis, LAAC reviews every 6 months and a children’s panel hearing once a year (although I think this will stop once/if the permancy order is given)

It’s better for the children to be in a permanent placement as it gives them stability.

Child still sees parents often.

Monsterchopz why would you think social work have a lot of control over the family???

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