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Research help - foster carers reporting

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tanyamarchant Wed 13-Jun-18 14:00:40

I am conducting some research and would like to ask if any current foster carers would be able to spare 20 minutes or a coffee and a chat.
I am based in the west midlands ares but often in oxfordshire or Teddington/London.
I am looking to understand how carers are asked to report to LA or agencies for weekly or daily updates - tools they use, what types of information they report on? what are the pain points?
My research is based on building a tool to help carers report about the child placements but would be at no additional cost to the carers.
If you have the time or know where i could go to gather this information please I would most helps.

mmmccccccxxx Wed 13-Jun-18 15:04:45

We already have a tool and we use this weekly we
Come from
An independent fostering agency are you sure you are not trying to reinvent the wheel

Gillian1980 Wed 13-Jun-18 21:43:49

Most places either have a form to fill in or can log onto a database to save reports on there.

Agencies / LAs usually create very specific templates to ensure that all the info they need is included. Usually based around what is required for Ofsted datasets etc.

I think any tool would need to be commissioned via agencies as carers don’t usually get to choose the tool they use.

tanyamarchant Wed 13-Jun-18 22:17:29

Thanks for your replies.
We have been commissioned to build a tool and what I am attempting to uncover now is how carers currently record information, what they find useful and how we can ensure we build the right product that makes the sense and works the best for carers and support staff alike.

My role in the project is the user onboarding and for that I need to understand what happens now. Types of people that are Foster carers, data that's collect the experience of the reporting task, and how it happens, when, why and would be the perfect tool to help carers report on Placements etc.

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