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Elizax Wed 30-May-18 12:03:52

Hi guys, I've been researching Fostering for about a year now and feel like I'm ready to start my journey. I've just sent my enquiry form so I've only just started the first step.

I'm 26 years old, drive my own car, rent my house from my mam, have a 6 year old son and a spare bedroom. I was wondering if there is a lot more they look for when fostering?
I've been with my partner for over 4 years now but we don't live together. He is self employed and our work at the minute means that if we moved in together we would lose our working tax credits which is obviously a bump we need for our wages.

If I explain this to them will this affect the fostering process? We are willing to move in together if it is the only option. From what I've read we could still continue working (I only work part time - 20hrs) as long as one of us is home.
My partner is also not my sons father, but I've read that they will also interview your child's other parent? We don't really get along and he's been in trouble with the courts before so I'm a bit worried about that.

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated, thankyou!

Elizax Wed 30-May-18 16:18:22

Also add we have 5 cats, would they need assessing? would this cause a problem i.e for allergies, if placements are frightened?

Cassimin Wed 30-May-18 19:04:45

All of your cats will be assessed. You will need to ensure they have immunisations and they are wormed.
With us we both had ex partners and they were interviewed.
My ex hadn't seen me or our son for years.
When the social worker was doing our interviews we needed to show 3 years bank statements and prove that we would not be depending on the fostering allowance for our income.
If you have any intentions of living together then you should do this before you start the process as it could be very unsettling for a child placed in your care if you do this after they have been placed with you.

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