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Help with set up

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fdp86 Mon 28-May-18 22:45:35

Hi everyone. Just a quick question to see what happens with your LA or IFA. Do you get any financial help towards setting up? I.e furniture for baby, car seats etc or did you have to purchase all that yourself. We are looking to go to panel at the end of October so have started thinking about getting things ready. Thanks

FcJan18 Mon 28-May-18 23:38:13

We're LA and didn't get any financial help with the spare room furniture, car seats, etc. However, every LA and IFA has different rules/guidance etc, you'll have to ask.

shopaholicz Wed 30-May-18 17:36:47

I agree with FCJan18, you need to ask.

We're with an IFA and we didn't get any assistance with setting up, and still don't if new placements need special equipment that we don't already have. The fostering allowance is supposed to cover everything a child needs, unless SW has agreed extra in advance.

fdp86 Thu 31-May-18 09:28:50

Thanks xxx

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