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Advice needed - Step Aunt

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fatbottomgirl12 Tue 08-May-18 12:36:39

OK I'll try to keep this as brief as possible but it is complicated.

My brothers Step Daughter has a child (4 months old). The child was taken straight into care (mother and father are addicts). The child is currently under a interim care order with a foster carer. The Fathers mother had applied to have the child. Then my Step Niece passed away a couple of weeks ago. The Fathers Mother then step away from the whole situation.

SS have been asking around the family for anyone to come forward. My Brother and his wife are not in a position to have her. My Step Nephew was feeling a lot of pressure to act. We have spoken to all our family and we are happy to take her. We already have 4 kids and were looking into fostering.

I have rang social services several times now to talk to the case worker. I have left message and rang the case workers mobile (no answer). I have spoken to another SW who has said she will pass it on.

My concerns are that the SW says they are quite far "down the care package" ?? What does this mean? Also I really just at this stage want to talk things through and get some clear information, do I keep ringing SS or just sit tight ? I don't want to pester and I know they are extremely busy but I don't want to be forgotten about.

Does anyone have advice ? Anything at all would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

fatbottomgirl12 Tue 08-May-18 12:39:17

Sorry meant to add my Step Nephew was feeling pressure to take her. But s come conclusion he is not able to do this. His mum also feels that this is right decision. The family agree that we would be a good fit for the child.

Kitsandkids Thu 10-May-18 23:23:10

It sounds like SS have probably got adoptive parents lined up, thinking that as no immediate family came forward, no one from the family wanted to take the baby.

But you are there and willing and able so they need to assess you and investigate the possibility of you having the baby. SWs have that many cases that messages etc can be put to one side and not dealt with. So call back, repeatedly, to ask for updates. Don't let them forget about you. Good luck.

fatbottomgirl12 Fri 11-May-18 20:46:43

Thanks for the advice. I did get hold of SW. Met at court and we are now skipping viabilityassessment straight to Guardianship. They were delighted we came forward, just wish we had known we could have been considered earlier. Looking to have LO by mid June. I have to say from our point view social services have so far been amazing (once we got to meet SW at court). They are going out of their way to push it through. We feel supported and happy. Can't wait to get through all the hoops and bring her into a settled family. smile

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