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Last day being baby free..

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notmyname1993 Sun 06-May-18 19:38:08

Hi, my partner and I will be bringing our foster baby (my niece) home for good on Friday, which means the bank holiday Monday tomorrow is our last full day together before we need to take baby bags, pushchairs etc everywhere we go!

We know we shouldn't waste it- especially as it'll be so sunny- but can't decide what to do!

What would you do in our shoes?smile

(Easy travelling distance of West Midlands if possible)

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Timefor2 Mon 07-May-18 03:22:08

I’d do a posh lunch or dinner somewhere for sure - and maybe a countryside stroll in the sunshine too? Best of luck for Friday.

mummabeargrr Mon 07-May-18 08:58:28

Definitely a nice meal out somewhere, fit in a movie together at the cinema one evening too. Or a gallery, a museum.
Just trying to think of all the places I would go if I didn't have to carry everything including a kitchen sink!
Let us know what you decide on doing and best of life luck for Friday thanks

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