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Just starting out

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Wants Sat 06-Jan-18 11:21:43

I have sent an initial enquiry to my LA. Should I do the same with some agencies too? Not sure who is best to go with?
I would leave my current job to do this full time. Would I receive any help financially to ensure I can still afford my bills each month?
Thanks for reading so far, I appreciate any advice or insight into this new, scary and exciting time.

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MadinWales Sat 06-Jan-18 14:56:12

I am just starting out as well. I have sent initial inquiries to my LA and about 4 IFA's. I plan to make up my mind after the initial visit of each of them. My gut from everything I have read is telling my IFA over LA but I am leaving my final decision until I can quizz each of them.

Wants Sat 06-Jan-18 15:31:36

Thanks for your reply. First la enquiry sent today. I have a list of agencies too.

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Soozzy Sun 07-Jan-18 01:08:33

Hi! We go to (LA) fostering panel in less than 2 weeks so not long had our Form F (the humongous application form, by the social worker) signed off. As part of the process/form, we had to complete an income/expenditure sheet to show that we could still meet all our financial commitments without fostering allowance, for times when you would not have a placement so no pay if you do not have a child(ren). We also had to authorise a letter for the LA to contact our mortgage provider that we were not in arrears.
It's taken 7 months from initial enquiry to panel (though could have gone last month but could not make date due to prior commitment).

Wants Sun 07-Jan-18 08:35:41

How can they promote it as an exciting new career if you can't give up your existing job?? I couldn't work and care for young children in my home? I'm hoping to speak to someone this week to clarify a few things.

Good luck with your panel meeting.

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fos6mo3 Sun 07-Jan-18 13:14:09

I work for an ifa and I.T is a requirement to give up your full time job although in saying that we are not paid when not working and I.T is thought that savings from being paid should then be used. I have only ever not had a placement for six weeks but I do now people who have waited about five-six months

Flower20166 Sun 07-Jan-18 17:34:09

You’re more likely to have a placement if you go with a LA as they always try to place with their own careers first due to the very high cost an IFA charges them.
Good luck

BellaCat123 Sun 07-Jan-18 17:53:05


We are with an IFA and have been very happy.

Pros of IFA: higher fostering allowances which helps with bills
Higher level of support and in our case training

Cons of IFA: Quite often a longer wait between placements, 5 months before our first and others wait much longer
Not a con in our case but IFAs only get very ‘hard to place’ children

Do you know which type of fostering you would be interested in?

I had to give up work and prove that I would be able to find work very quickly if I am between placements plus have three months salary in savings to give some breathing space.

BellaCat123 Sun 07-Jan-18 17:53:36

Pressed too quick meant to say good luck to you both!

Wants Sun 07-Jan-18 19:44:58

Thanks everyone. Very valuable advice.

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