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Special Guardian Order

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Trinity57 Thu 28-Dec-17 10:54:20

Help! I am a 60yr old grandmother that has been put forward for SGO for 2 of my Grandchildren aged 3 and 1 (in foster care at mo). All is 'positive' at present apart from my home which is a 1 bed flat. All has to be ready to go to SS Solicitors Jan 15th of which I have been told to find 3 Bed House before then. I am getting NO help whatsoever, just advised to seek private (oh! SS can give me a letter to state as such). The rent is far beyond my affordability just for starters (will need to give up job anyway). No idea what financial help I will receive. As you can appreciate all is on hols until 02/01. Practically ripping my own hair out as I cannot stand the thought of the children going up for adoption all because I cannot get an appropriate home quick enough. Ripping hair out! any advice would be appreciated, massively.

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tralaaa Sun 31-Dec-17 08:17:55

Goodness can your SW help you get a Council/HA house. I really hope things go your way -

Afreshnewyearplease Sun 31-Dec-17 08:21:59

Can you try your local councils website? Most have a calculator to work out how much housing benefit you can get

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