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Needs at school

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MrsH03 Thu 14-Dec-17 19:11:33

Hi, I'm a teacher and I am interested to know what the main difficulties are which face foster children and their carers in education. How do you all manage with educational changes? Do you feel supported? I would like to improve my own understanding to be able to help the kids I teach. Grateful for any feedback, thanks x

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fos6mo3 Sat 16-Dec-17 17:40:36

I think this depends on the type of school and the child's needs it's such a hard question..
homework can be a trigger and at times with contact and activities it's rushed due to lack of time.

Understand of trauma attachment theory's. Individual child's needs

I must say I don't think there's enough training out there for teachers
Therapeutic parenting training would be beneficial a star chart or time our can be rejection for our children and just adds to feelings of shame.

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