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Connected persons foster

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Mkg994 Thu 30-Nov-17 22:21:15

Hi im looking at some advice from someone whos gone through the same im going through an connected persons foster trying to get my baby niece as she was taken into care ive done my initial assessment and passed now starting my viability assessment was wondering what I should expect and whats the chances of passing ive also passed dbs checks just got to have a medical
Thank you for reading hope someone can give me some advice as not done this before so dont know what to expect

Kitsandkids Fri 01-Dec-17 17:02:15

I haven't gone through it but know people who have.
SS look for people with enough space to have the child, enough time to parent them, no instances of their own children being taken into care, no extreme views such as racism etc, a commitment (if applicable) to keep the child away from the birth family - that depends on why the child was taken into care and how much contact they're allowed but I've known placements to break down because a SW has turned up and an abusive mum is at the house when she shouldn't be.
Basically a commitment to the child and an acceptance that the parents can't keep the child - so no moaning to SWs about the situation.

Good luck x

Mkg994 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:29:57

Thank you, the initial assessment I had I passed as was all positive the connected person is my niece and I haven’t been told much about the case as of yet, I’m on my viability assessment at the moment which is the longer process which I have been told everything is looking positive at the moment x

Lawrence91 Mon 26-Mar-18 20:28:40

Hi Mkg994 I was just wondering how your full assessment went? I hope it was good news?

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